Who’s Harry?

In this female comedic monologue, ROSALIE tells an embarrassing story to one of her girlfriends over coffee.

ROSALIE:  The other day I was having a tickle fest with my two year old son.  I was just eating him up with love and tickling him up a storm and we were having the best time together.

Then out of nowhere my son starts saying, “Harry, Harry”.  I didn’t know who Harry was and I asked him, “Harry?  Who’s Harry, sweetheart?”  And he repeated, “Harry, Harry” and he starts pointing in my direction.  I look behind me and see the t.v. and so I put it on, thinking it’s a new cartoon show or something he’s seen.  And I ask him, “Where, sweetheart?  Did you see Harry in the t.v.?”  And he walks up to me and with the most determined little face, he points directly at me and says, HARRY, really loud.  So, I say, “Mommy? Is Mommy, Harry?”  And he nods his head and says, “You, Harry.”  “I’m not Harry, I’m Mommy.” I said.  So, I pick him up and give him more kisses and he smacks my chin and points right at my chin and says, “HARRY MOMMY, HAAAARRRRRY!”

So now I carry him over to the mirror with me and I look at my face and I almost died.  I had an unseen collection of chin hairs hanging off my chin! The entire time my son was trying to say, HAIRY, not Harry!  Hahaha.  He’s already looking out for his MaMa…or himself for that matter!  Haha!

How do you like that one?

Joseph Arnone


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