You Can Do Better

In this family drama monologue, BYRON is talking to his younger sister about how he thinks she is going out with the wrong kind of guy.

BYRON:  I’m your brother and I’m telling you something.  I don’t like the guy because he’s into drugs and he’s a dirt bag.  What more do you want me to say?  Yeah, he’s nice, he’s kind, he’s got a good heart and makes decent money but he’s way into drugs and I can’t see you being around him.

You can do whatever you want, it’s your life and I’m not going to tell you what to do, you’re old enough but I don’t want my sister around a guy who is always sticking his pinky up his nose.  If you ever got involved in that or he hurts you in anyway…(Byron bites his lip)  You understand?  I love you and I don’t want something bad to happen to you, especially if I’m aware of something I can help you avoid.

I have more experience with this sort of thing, more than you will ever know about.  I know you can do better, WAY better, so think about what I’m telling you.


Joseph Arnone


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