1 Minute Monologues DRAMA

Drama monologues play a significant part in your actor’s toolbox.  Having a 1-2-3 minute monologue in your back pocket for an audition is essential.

MB serves creators by providing free monologues and scripts for you to venture out into the world and create.  Not just for auditions, demo reels but for practicing and doing what you love to do.

We literally have thousands of pieces of content for you to search through and use for non-commercial projects.

If you happen to be looking for comedic one minute monologues, we have you covered.  There you will find plenty of monologue material to help you lock something down.


  1. Protective Shield – This monologue questions the idea of having an angel looking out for you in times of need.
  2. Second Look – The natural elements of beauty slowly falling from grace because of aging.
  3. Smile Pretty, Alice – A woman confronts her neighbor in regards to infidelity.
  4. I Can’t Win – Coming up against a rebellious daughter is no easy task for this mother.
  5. Contents Flammable – A devastating accident that does more than leave a scar on a young child’s face.
  6. Going, Going, Gone – This mother has reached her limit with the ongoing demands coming from her entire family.
  7. The Back Room – This monologue examines the urges one can experience against their better judgement.
  8. Pay Attention – A woman finally comes to terms with the proof of having a cheating man.
  9. Just A Crack – About a woman who wants complete happiness in her relationship but feels that her boyfriend may not be the right fit.
  10. Beautiful Day – Linda wants to feel loved and appreciated both inwardly and outwardly.
  11. Coffee Table – suffering from mental illness.
  12. Spirit Forward – An inspiring monologue to encourage and push a loved one forward during a difficult time of self-doubt.
  13. One Thing
  14. Breaking Through – Trying to find a common denominator with your child is truly difficult for this mom.
  15. Inner Core – Shelly struggles to cope with her depression.


  1. Stand Up – A monologue about motivation and keeping the fire alive inside yourself.
  2. Straight to the Nitty Gritty – A wickedly horrific Irish gangster monologue.
  3. Caged Monkeys – This monologue drives home an encounter with racism.
  4. Art of Balance – A samurai master gives a bit of wisdom to a young American student about balance.
  5. Wasted Talent – The terrible downside of being a struggling musician.
  6. Keep Ya Heads Turned – A western styled monologue about a legendary figure giving a warning to a bunch of petty criminals.
  7. Since Back in Auborn – 
  8. Fail Fast – A monologue of encouragement about not fearing failure.
  9. Politically Correct – Sometimes miscommunications take place that allude to one thing when in reality it wasn’t meant to be so.
  10. Blind Ignorance – A father discussing the prospect of handing his business over to the son he doesn’t like.
  11. Buck the System – A cousin explains that he wants nothing to do with a criminal deed.
  12. Spinning in Space – This monologue explores existence in the face of commercialism.
  13. Afraid of Hemingway – A writer fears the possibility of losing his ability to write.
  14. Bendable – A teacher shares with his students the potential he feels lives inside each and every one of them.
  15. Money Can’t Buy Happiness – A man talks to a stranger about who he is and who he wants to be.
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