10 Best One-Act Plays for High School Performing Arts

10 Best One-Act Plays for High School Performing Arts gives theatre students & drama teachers 10 of the best plays for license-free scripts.

10 Best One-Act Plays for High School Performing Arts

DON’T LEAVE ME WITHOUT MUFFIN – Ginger is in the act of running away from home but her mother catches her before she leaves the house.

DARK SIDE OF MY MOON – Jobe competes so intensely at high school basketball that it borders on abnormal.

MY SIDE OF THINGS – Sisters Clara and Tyra try to come to grips with why they don’t always get along.

BETTER LEFT UNSAID – Riggs tries to come up with a plan that will prevent his best friend from getting physically beat up so often from his father.

STRANGER IN THE ROOM – Andrea is the new student on the block but something is very strange with the new environment she finds herself existing in.

Ten Best 1 Act Plays for High School Performing Arts

OTHER SIDE OF THE CHASM – Chad feels like a loser and is planning on an average life with no ambition for himself…his friend Lia has a different objective.

ACID TASTE – Chizel and Dawn wait for their friend Tiffany to swim out to a buoy in a toxic lake.

DUST IN OUR EYES – Dean talks to his best friend Paula about how he’s chosen to live a life that has meaning and he tries to inspire her to do the same.

VOICES IN THE TREES – Marina suffers from a mental illness and when her brother teases her, she lashes out at her family.

LOST AND FOUND – Kimmie talks to her best friend Jarla about how she can never seem to find clarity and direction in her life.

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