10 Deeply Moving and Disturbing Short Films

The short films shared below have been reviewed on Monologue Blogger and are selected for their emotional power and hair raising moments.

  1. A Mighty Nice Man is a knockout on every level. The tone and atmosphere are perfect. The photography and pacing are stunning and its cast and crew are out of this world. It’s a darn good adaptation of a chilling short story. It’s a darn scary short film.
  2. Mariner follows Nathan “Nate” Russell (Thomas Olajide), a student who is studying to be a navigator. As his exams approach, he starts experiencing flashbacks that become a source of great stress for him.
  3. Backstroke has it all for a great creepy film, reminiscent of the slasher or thriller genre of the late seventies and early eighties (when the genre was actually good).
  4. The First Men really excels at setting its tone. The tension in the mood slowly rises as more details come to the forefront. The lighting and score compliment the unsettling atmosphere, piling onto a plot that is full of intrigue.
  5. Forever After will take you on an emotional journey and teach you that sometimes things won’t go the way you planned and that’s alright. Life is unpredictable and once we realize that the sooner we’ll be able to handle its unpredictability.
  6. Oasis challenges the human psyche as it questions our fight or flight response. When something dangerous is presented to us, we can respond in one of two ways. We can face the danger head on or we can run away from it.
  7. Alison is a contemplative short film that explores the nature of uneven relationships with effective writing and talented performances.
  8. Meat is like an episode of your favorite teen drama wrapped into a less than ten minute segment. As you watch you are on the edge of your seat, you feel your heart break in the accident scene when you hear the yelp of that poor dog and again when you see the face of that poor man.
  9. Lifeline is British short film about a mother who must put her morality to the test for her son. The film also examines the strength of the human connection between strangers.
  10. Dogwalker is an intriguing, dark, tension building short film that denies the viewer happiness for the tradeoff of realism and a very strong protagonist. The film is not for the feign of heart or for anyone who enjoys the sensationalism of a romance film, but it will leave one remembering it and walking away with a message – life will beat you down.
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