10 Easy Drama Games for Kids and Teens

For drama teachers looking for new and exciting drama games and activities, here are 10 easy drama games for your kid/teen students.  Ages 10-17.

10 Easy Drama Games for Kids and Teens

Pass The Box

Have your acting students sit in a circle.  The first student will open an imaginary box and mime what’s inside.  They will then pass the imaginary box to the person sitting next to them and they in turn will pull something out of the box as well.

Objective:  This helps to open up your students imagination and discovery.

Painting Character

The idea for this exercise is to bring in an art book of paintings.  Select a painting and have your students take on the form of the characters within the piece.  The actor must get the character posture as exact as possible and then remain still in that pose.

Objective: This helps to develop characterization.

Puppet Masters

For this exercise four actors go on stage.  Two actors will be puppets and the other two actors will be their masters.  The masters will move and position the puppets in any position.  The puppets must verbally improvise a conversation amongst themselves while the changes take place.  The puppets must invent dialogue based on the positions the masters put them in.

Objective: This focuses on physical action and improvisation.

Conga Character Line

Have all your students form a conga line.  The actor in the front of the lone must invent a character walk.  This can be a limp, this can be a crouch downward.  Every person in the conga line must take the form of the person in front of them.  Once the entire conga line of actors have taken on the characters walk at the front of the line, the teacher says, “Next”.  The actor in front of the line goes to the back and the next actor in front of the line takes on a new character walk.

Objective: This exercise explores character and physical behavior.

Sleepy Lion

Have all your acting students sit on the floor and act as if they are a family of tired lions out in the jungle.  Assign who will be the father lion, mother lion and cubs.

Objective: This builds a sense of relationship and communication.

Magic Mirror

This exercise needs two actors.  One actor acts as if they are in front of a mirror and the other actor is their reflection.

Objective:  This exercise is good for concentration, character and physicality.

Famous Names

All actors sit in a circle.  The idea is to have one actor name a famous person’s name.  It can be Salvador Dali.  The next actor in the circle must take the D from Dali’s last name and name another famous person whose name begins with a D, as in Derrick Jeter.  The actor must be on a timer of 3 seconds or get buzzed out of the circle.

Objective: Great for concentration and improvisation.

Telephone In The Room

Each actor has a different reason for using a home telephone.  They must create for themselves the scene when the phone rings and improvise their story.

Objective: Good for storytelling and improvisation.

Made Up Language

Start with two actors in the scene who must make up a language.  The goal is not to speak an actual real language but to make one up as gibberish that sounds authentic.  Once there are two actors talking and communicating, add a third, then a fourth, eith each actor bringing in their own language.

Objective: A fun game for communication, teamwork, character, spontaneity and improvisation.

The Listen Game

The drama teacher provides a simple circumstance in which the students can improvise from.  The idea is to have each student only speak one line at a time so there is no overlapping of dialogue.  This enable the ability to listen to others and respond specifically to the situation.

Objective: Helps with listening and communication skills.

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