10 Great Movie Scripts Free To Download

You can find free scripts for movies on Monologue Blogger.  Start with 10 Great Movie Scripts Free To Download to help you get momentum for your next film.

MB not only encourages you to read scripts but we also encourage you to use our free film scripts to go out and make your movie.

If you are new to Monologue Blogger, we would like to let you know that we function as a resource for actors, filmmakers, producers and creators around the world.

We develop new monologues, plays and scripts on a daily basis in order to help creatives at large find interesting material they can connect to and get excited to create from.

There are no strings attached.  So long as your project is non-commercial, you are free to use all of our free scripts for your own creative adventures.

Go make your movie!

10 Great Movie Scripts Free To Download

Below you will find a list of 10 movie scripts that cover a range of crime, comedy and drama genres.  Most run about 10 minutes in duration but you are free to make whatever adjustments you need for your own film.

LET’S TAKE A WALK – Vito grills Mario over a particular event that transpired inside a club not too long ago…Vito is someone you don’t want to give the wrong answer to.

SMOOTH MOTION TEDDY BEAR PIE – Joanne isn’t ready to say I love you but Devon is all in. Yikes!

SIGNAL – Michael’s been hearing some wicked shizz coming out from his headphones and he asks his closest friend to come over to have a listen.

MAN WITH GUN – two guys try to rob a diner but an elderly lady turns the tables on them.

OPTION A or OPTION B – a dying criminal and a bag full of money…what could go wrong?

10 Great Movie Scripts Free To Use

THE 3rd AVENUE SPOT – Lem isn’t so sure he’s cut out for a life changing deal involving narcotics and Drake is not happy about it at all.

SMILE FOR THE CAMERA – Cinderella is having a bad day and things are only about to get worse for her.

CATCH A PIGGY BY ITS TOE – Grady and Farmer don’t see eye to eye on things but Grady handles things in a much different kind of manner.

FULL AMOUNT – Gabe sure loves his coffee and unfortunately for his newly hired assistant Pronto, he gets to find out just how far a cup of joe will go.  Yum yum.

LOOSE AS GOOSE – this group of women are rough and tough but when they don’t get along, things can get hectic.

If you dig what we create here in Monologue Blogger land, be sure to share our scripts with your fellow amigos so everyone can benefit from our resource.  Thanks!

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