10 Great Plays for Teen Monologue Auditions

For teen actors looking for audition material from plays, have a look at these top 10 rated teen monologues from plays on Monologue Blogger.  Drama/Comedy.

10 Great Plays for Teen Monologue Auditions

  1. Acting Different – Robert tries to show off in front of his friends while his girlfriend is with him and all he does is make himself look foolish in front of her.
  2. Angel Prayers – Milani has fallen in with the wrong crowd of friends and it all seems to stem from a deep loneliness from not fitting in and feeling outcast.
  3. A Sense of Belonging – Beverly suffers from anxiety to the point of where she struggles to make friends.
  4. Attention – Michelle argues with her sister over arguing with her family.  She goes head to head with her in order to try and find a common balance in their family unit.
  5. Bubble World – Two close cousins are slowly drifting apart from each other because of their growing interests in other areas of life.
  6. I’m Not Dumb – Tabitha always feels a step behind the other students when it comes to her studies and she reaches out to her Guidance Counselor for aid.
  7. Just So You Know – Two sisters battle it out by making marks in the sand in order to come together and be close.
  8. Lick My Wounds – Crystal feels that the connection with her boyfriend is losing its grip and is strongly considering breaking up.
  9. Protective Shield – Rita is searching for a way to rid herself of suicidal thoughts.
  10. Shadows of My Mind – Naomi opens up to her favorite Aunt about the unhappiness she constantly feels.

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