10 Important Lessons for Female and Male Actors

These 10 important lessons are for female and male actors who are beginning their creative journey into the world of acting.  The lessons shared here are important because they are more about actor life guidance for your road ahead.

The ideas found within this article aren’t taught in acting schools.  These are hard learned lessons given to you on a silver platter.  Do with them what you will but do give them a read and hopefully the 10 important lessons listed here will benefit you.

Top 10 Important Lessons for Actors

Be Humble

All too often there may be times when you feel like you are the greatest living actor in the world.  You’re not.  No one is for that matter.  Having such egotistical thoughts enter your mind is crushing to your spirit as an actor.  You may not even realize it but it will come through in your work.

Being humble is a state of mind.  Learn to be appreciative for what you feel you are capable of contributing to the art of acting.  Always aspire to learn new things and grow in your work.  You will never leave this world knowing it all.

Be Confident

There is nothing good that can come out of an actor if they are afraid to work.  There must be a certain level of inner strength that the actor has inside, that will provide the energy to get up and work.

This falls into the opposite of being cocky.  You have to believe in yourself and your potential.  Effort is heavily understated.  Someone with enormous drive can outperform someone with natural talent.  Believe in your work ethic.

Be Patient

What are you waiting for?  Fame? Fortune? Do you want to be a good actor?  Whatever it is that drives you to be an actor, there comes a high degree of patience.

Have patience with yourself and with the people you have the opportunity to work on projects with.  When you are patient you think clearly and listen completely.  Patience brings tremendous value to your work because the intensity of your focus heightens and you make better choices.

Be Friendly

There’s no need to ever be mean to someone, just to be mean.  Always be as courteous and friendly as possible to your colleagues.  This goes for people you meet in acting class, on set or on stage and at events.

Be Open Minded

Don’t close yourself off.  There may be things you never imagined doing or believing but there is always something valuable to gain when you remain open minded.

10 Important Lessons for Female and Male Actors

Be Optimistic

It’s not easy.  Take your enthusiasm for acting and give it positive vibes.  Not everything will always go your way.  It’s important to be as available to positive thinking as you can be.  Thinking positive will help you steer over and around many bumps in the road.

Be Understanding

Always try your best not to pass judgement.  No one is perfect.  Instead, look on the brighter side of things with regards to a person or situation.  There is always a place for you to find compassion.  Look for what makes sense and make room for other people’s mistakes, especially your own.

Be Loyal

One of the worst things you can do to hurt others is talk behind their back.  It’s not only good for them but not good for you.  You will find yourself feeling bad about it sooner or later.  Why bother?  No one likes people who talk about other people.

Be Committed

This could very well be one of the most important acting lessons.  Without commitment there is no progress.  Know what you are committed to achieving and work toward it.  Be diligent and give it one hundred percent of yourself.

Be Consistent

It’s great to be committed but you must also have the consistency to work towards your goals.  Once in a blue moon does not cut it.  You have to be in it and work at it on a daily basis or as consistent as you can schedule in your life.  Stick to your routine and you will see progress being made.


There you have 10 important lessons for actors to consider.  if you like this article and find that it inspires you in some way, please do share it with friends you care about.

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