10 Minute Actor Scripts

MB’s 10 minute actor scripts in comedy/drama for 1 woman and 1 man to play.  Our collection of acting material for two actors can be found in the script section and also contains free 5 minute play scripts as well.

10 Minute Actor Scripts


  1. Cheesecake – a hit woman gives an ultimatum to a man who needs to provide her with a list of names.
  2. Tea Time – a comedic spin on old english paired up with modern english and the result of of that mash up.
  3. Odds Are Fifty-Fifty – a couple notice weird behavior taking place across the courtyard in their neighbor’s window.
  4. Fresh Air –  a lighthearted comedy of an old friendship that may have the beginning of a love interest.
  5. Harold’s Ear – a niece does her best to help her uncle remove a cotton ball stuck within his ear.


  1. Perfect Little Bubble – a first time ‘episode’ has transpired with Roxy, the woman that Harper has planned to propose to.  They now exist in its aftermath with the overriding agenda of what will happen next.
  2. Life Moves – a father tries to come to terms with the fact that his daughter is growing up.
  3. Story of a Plucked Lobster – Waltong’s wife is dying and to make matters worse, they pair is stuck in a cabin in the mountains during the snow storm.
  4. Even This – a teenager tries to convince his mother on a path of borrowing money so that they don’t get evicted from their home.
  5. Policy – a young couple tries to make it on their own while sacrificing their morals and integrity.


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