10 New Plays That Only Need 2 Actors

10 New Plays That Only Need 2 Actors offers high quality short plays with minimal characters and only one location. Short drama plays for 2 people.

10 New Plays That Only Need 2 Actors

ONE-WAY CONVERSATION – Bella and her mother haven’t been getting along and it might be too late for them to patch up their relationship.

ROGER USED TO BE WILLY – Rosanna has run away from home and her father sent out his best friend, who happens to be a bounty hunter, out to find her and bring her back home safely.  Period piece during the 1890’s.

WASTED TALENT – Donnie lost his best friend to suicide and who was a promising young musical talent.

BEHIND THE EIGHT BALL – Helena opens up to her best friend about the difference between them and her own private struggles.

JEF – Jef is a humanoid robot built and programmed specifically for Landia’s happiness and although he is close to perfect, things tend to go wrong on a deeper level.

10 New Plays with Only 2 Characters

ROAST BEEF MEANS EVERYTHING’S GRAVY – Jerzy is told that he won’t be inheriting the family motel business.

SAND ANGELS – Lenora feels that her best lived years are far behind her and this realism hits when her boyfriend flirts with a younger woman.

COME WITH ME, BACK HOME – Daz receives a phone call from the local neighborhood bar to pick up his mother from her drunken stupor.

NO IS BETTER THAN SILENCE – Kyra has fled her living environment with her boyfriend, only to be found at their local diner two days later with an entirely new life.

SOFT SONG – Tina has a choice to make, record her new album or attend what could be her Grandmother’s last birthday party.

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