10 New Short Scenes for Creative Work

MB shares 10 original short scripted scenes for use in theatre, film or video aspects of your creative life.  Practice filmmaking or acting material.

  1. The Duck – a comedic look at a couple hosting a man in their home who they begin to believe is insane.
  2. The Circles Under Our Eyes – a young struggling artist asks his mother for money.
  3. Smash Up – a man deeply in debt talks with the wife of the man he owes a great deal of money to.
  4. Jump Off The Earth – a woman is fed up with her life and she desperately tries to communicate this to her husband.
  5. Inflammatory Example of Demagoguery – a playwright in the 19th century struggles with trying to get his new play licensed and approved for a stage production.
  6. Becca’s Brother – a fight broke out at a bar and the aftermath proves to haunt the man who used his fists to solve the problem.
  7. White Picket Fence with Tulips and a Dog – a couple has an argument while riding in a car.
  8. Holy Satisfied – a runaway encounters a misfit.
  9. Blue Door Ronnie – a man tries to pawn an item but receives much more than he ever could have imagined.
  10. King of the Yawn – the last day of a man’s job and all the truth he’s held in against his co-workers comes spilling out…or does it?
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