107 Stage Monologues and Scenes for Agent Auditions

MB’s 107 stage monologues and scenes for your next agent audition is good for theatre castings with agents, casting directors, directors or producers.

Monologue 101 Guides and Acting Tips

  1. How To Eliminate Monologue Fear
  2. How To Choose The Best Monologue
  3. 3 Tips for Performing Shakespeare
  4. 4 Monologue Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make
  5. 3 Tips On Memorizing Your Monologue
  6. Why Shakespeare Monologues Help You Become A Better Actor

You will find both Shakespeare monologues, contemporary monologues and scenes added here for our 107 list.

25 Shakespeare Monologues (comedic)

25 Comedic Shakespeare Monologues for Men and Women

All’s Well That Ends Well

  • King (male character – Act 1 Scene 1)
  • Parolles (male character – Act 1 Scene 1)
  • Helena (female character – Act 1 Scene 1)
  • Countess (female character – Act 1 Scene 1)

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

  • Puck (male character – Act 2 Scene 1)
  • Titania (female character – Act 2 Scene 1)
  • Helena (female character – Act 3 Scene 2)
  • Hermia (female character – Act 2 Scene 2)

As You Like It

  • Orlando (male character – Act 1 Scene 1)
  • Oliver (male character – Act 1 Scene 1)
  • Rosalind (female character – epilogue)
  • Phebe (female character – Act 3 Scene 5)

Much Ado About Nothing

  • Beatrice (female character – Act 2 Scene 3)
  • Benedick (male character – Act 2 Scene 3)
  • Leonato (male character – Act 4 Scene 1)
  • Dogberry (male character – Act 4 Scene 1)

The Tempest

  • Ariel (female character – Act 3 Scene 3)
  • Maranda (female character – Act 1 Scene 1)
  • Ferdinand (male character – Act 3 Scene 1)

The Winter’s Tale

  • Perdita (female character – Act 4 Scene 6)
  • Paulina (female character – Act 2 Scene 2)
  • Hermione (female character – Act 3 Scene 2)

Two Gentleman of Verona

  • Julia (female character – Act 4 Scene 4)
  • Julia (female character – Act 1 Scene 2)
  • Silvia (female character – Act 4 Scene 3)

25 Shakespeare Monologues (dramatic)

25 Dramatic Shakespeare Monologues for Women

Antony and Cleopatra

  • Ventidius (male character – Act 3 Scene 1)
  • Antony (male character – Act 3 Scene 9)
  • Cleopatra (female character – Act 5 Scene 2)
  • Cleopatra (female character – Act 4 Scene 15)


  • Ophelia (female character – Act 3 Scene 1)
  • Queen Gertrude (female character – Act 4 Scene 7)
  • Horatio (male character – Act 1 Scene 1)
  • Claudius (male character – Act 1 Scene 2)

Julius Caesar

  • Portia (female character – Act 2 Scene 1)
  • Calpurnia (female character – Act 2 Scene 2)
  • Antony (male character – Act 2 Scene 2)

King Lear

  • Goneril (female character – Act 1 Scene 4)
  • Cordelia (female character – Act 1 Scene 1)
  • Edmund (male character – Act 1 Scene 2)
  • King Lear (male character – Act 3 Scene 2)


  • Lady Macbeth (female character – Act 1 Scene 5)
  • Macbeth (male character – Act 1 Scene 7)
  • Lennox (male character – Act 3 Scene 6)


  • Othello (male character – Act 5 Scene 2)
  • Iago (male character – Act 1 Scene 1)
  • Desdemona (female character – Act 1 Scene 3)

Romeo and Juliet

  • Juliet (female character – Act 3 Scene 2)
  • Juliet (female character – Act 2 Scene 2)
  • Lady Capulet (female character – Act 1 Scene 3)
  • Romeo (male character – Act 5 Scene 3)

25 Contemporary Stage Monologues Women

25 Stage Monologues for Women

9 Comedic Monologues for Women

  1. Actress Photoshoot – CATRINA:  There you go!  There you go!  You’re like a venom snake!  You area venom snake, ready to sink your fangs into flesh.  That’s right!  Yes!  Yes!
  2. Little Critters – SARAH: Oh!!! Oh!!!! Oh God! Shit…
  3. Just For Laughs – JANE: Ha, ha, ha, ha.  That is a good one Fran.  Ha, ha, ha.  I have to try that sometime.  Ha, ha, ha.  Clever.  Very clever, I love it!
  4. Rather Be A Man – KIM: I don’t know what it is with me lately but I just get so UGH! when guys come up to me, with their cheesy lines, (imitating guy) “Hey, you have such a beautiful smile” or “Can I just tell you that you are so beautiful”.  Ugh!
  5. Fungus Among Us – ALEXA: Just once I would like to see you clean out the refrigerator Mara. Unbelievable! You think you would have some freaking decency. Why do I always have to do it?!
  6. Color & Style – ZIGGY: I told the bitch I wanted it to look EXACTLY like Kate Hudson. I wanted the sweeping blonde highlights added within a soft golden base. A real natural look!
  7. Phone Calls – MEAGAN: Why do these guys have to play these stupid asinine games?  Why do they have to have a dumb three day rule?
  8. Next In Line – LUCILLE: Next in line! What is that?  You’re actually going to buy that?  HAHAHAHA  Hey, whatever floats your boat lady.
  9. Cider, Baby – SOPHIE:  OHHH, yes, they got the good kind here!   Crispy and tasty.  Mmm, Mmm, Mmm. Do you know what? I’m addicted to this stuff, I am head over heals addicted to APPLE CIDER.

16 Dramatic Female Monologues

16 Drama Monologues for Women

  1. Second Look – CHER:  It hasn’t happened for quite some time.  I was thinking about this all day and it must have been years since I’ve ever felt that feeling…you know?
  2. White Tail Spider – WS: You like watching the scifi channel?  Well, I LOVE watching the scifi channel.  In fact, my preferred nickname is the white tail;
  3. Addicted – MAN/WOMAN:  You’re so addicted to me, aren’t you? You can’t stop yourself from coming to see me, can you?
  4. On The Surface – KARA: Why am I different?  What’s different?  I’m not different…I‘m me.
  5. Residue – JENNIFER..I don’t feel like being funny…[scratches her neck] I don’t. DON’T! Don’t touch me right now—I’m sorry—I need my space;
  6. If My Inner Thoughts Could Speak – JALINE: If my inner thoughts could speak about you, here’s what I’d say…You were wrong about me.  You’ve strengthened me.  You fuel my passions, my fire, my energy.
  7. I Can’t Win – NELLA: I’m tired of him!  Who the hell does he think he is to insult me that way?  I cannot believe it Jeff.  I am the adult.
  8. The Perfect Person – MARSHA: I know I have issues.  But point to the person who doesn’t?  Are you the perfect person?  I resent the fact that you criticize me and judge me.
  9. Smile Pretty, Alice – ANITA: Smile pretty, Alice.  We both know one thing…the truth.  We both know what you’ve done.  We both know.
  10. A Thousand Kisses – DORA: It’s the most beautiful thing…watching my two year old daughter playing Mommy with her doll.
  11. Fix The Car – DENISE: I’m dry.  I got nothing.  You keep borrowing money, Frank…you take and take and take and what do I have left?  Huh?
  12. Form of Clarity – AUDREY:  How have you been? (she briefly touches her lips with a finger) What’s wrong?
  13. The Bear – ANYONE:  I want to care less about caring so much…I think that’s been my biggest—well, one of my problems, anyway…
  14. Elsewhere – VICTORIA: You speak so very well of Mr. Tandum and yet, he is viewed as quite a radical amongst closed circles.  He appears to be a bit, eccentric.  Do you not agree, Florence?
  15. One – M/F: Today, I slowly, gently, removed one of my angel wings…to offer it up to you…
  16. Contents Flammable – I memorized the side of the bottle. I wanted to be clear to myself as to what I done and repeating that phrase to myself, reminds me of how horrible a person I am

25 Contemporary Stage Monologues Men

9 Comedic Monologues for Men

9 Comedic Monologues for Men

  1. Side Effects – DOCTOR OSVALD KNICKERBOCKER: Diarrhea.  Cotton Mouth.  Hunger.  Watery Eyes.  Anal Swelling.  Nostril Flaring.  Sneezing. Constant Coughing.  Constant Farting.  Constant Belching.
  2. Upon My Return – SIR WALTER WALTER THE THIRD: It is TIME, my Lord.  What shall I do with the others?  Shall I slay them?  Much obliged.  My Lord, may I ask you something?
  3. YO – KIRBY: Yo?  What?  Yo?!  Did you just YO me?  You just yo’d me?  Do I look like a YO to you?  I have a name?  What’s my name?  Say my name.  Huh?  That’s right, Kiiiiirby.  That is my name.  KIRBY.
  4. Picasso Reincarnated – ULTIMATE JACKASS: I was walking around for two days thinking I was Picasso, when really what I was, was a major jackass.  I went to this store out in Long Island, Michael’s and I spent a couple of hundred bucks on supplies.
  5. There He Is – PETE:  My co-worker is the most annoying guy in the world.  I wish to God I wasn’t so nice to him when I first started working at my new job.  I should have wondered why he was so overly nice at the start.
  6. All Day Long – SAUL:  Hey babe, do me a favor…stuff my balls in my ass and let me borrow one of your skirts. Please.  At this point, I might as well grow a pair of tits and shave my beard, too.
  7. Nutter – POP:  We need to talk.  Listen…our daughter is dating an absolute nutter.  Shhh, shhhh, come here.  Earlier this morning, before him and I left the house together to go fishing, he was outside smoking a fag and do you know what he was doing?
  8. The Crop Duster – BUSTER WHO GOT CROP DUSTED:  I never in my life had someone fart point blank in my face, until yesterday.  I’m in a used bookstore, kneeling down on one knee, reaching for some books, when in comes the old man, like seventy-eight, streaming down the aisle in stealth mode.
  9. Medium – DEREK:  I’m a medium.  Why do you keep asking me if I’m a small?  Do I look like a hobbit to you?  I have wide shoulders. (standing up from his seat) Look.  Look at me.  See how my shoulders are wide and then as you go down it starts to V, that’s because I have wide shoulders, alright?

25 Stage Monologues for Men

16 Drama Monologues for Men

  1. Dark Place – JEFFREY: Does it matter to you that I am going mad?  Not sure I can go away and reflect on it.  Not sure I can get through my own madness.
  2. Wartime Memories – XAVIER:  I was shipped out at a time when it was freezing outside.  We were all bunkered up in the mountains.
  3. Straight To The Nitty Gritty – NED: You see, I don’t ask questions, lad. Questions, bore me. I only ask one question but I don’t ask the question until I know for certain that you’re ready.
  4. Hungry Machine – CALVIN: This guy doesn’t quit!  He’s like a wound up hungry machine that doesn’t seem to have a turn off switch.  What motivates him?
  5. Army of Men – J: There’s an abnormal side to me…something I’ve always been aware of since I was a child.  Something deeply disturbing…when it comes to loving someone.
  6. Test Score – JESSE: The worst feeling in the world would come over me whenever I flunked a test. This wave of fear would blanket my skin. Whenever I didn’t make the grade, I knew I had shit to face at home…
  7. Henry and The Wizard – HENRY:  You keep on tryna dig through layers of who I am and all you’re reaching now is pure one-hundred percent bone.  There ain’t nothin’ left of me, Ellen.
  8. Funny Man – GREG: I don’t feel like being funny.  Is that alright with you?  I know you guys paid good money to get in here but fuck you.  I don’t feel like being funny tonight.
  9. Any Given Day – HARRY:  You have this tendency to talk down at people, in order to make yourself the be all end all expert at something.
  10. Frame of Mind – MITCH: It’s a certain view; the way one thinks…that’s really it.  (pause.)  It’s the difference between a dumb man and a wise man.  You follow?  No?  Well, that’s okay.
  11. Since Back In Auborn – GEORGE:  Only way anybody gonna know ’bout life on the ranch is if you actually live it. That’s the truth.
  12. Dusting Off The Demons – L: You’ve spent too much time boozing and popping pills during your lifetime. Your focus on anything always gets derailed and causes you to take years to get any one project completed.
  13. The World Will Be On Your Side – CALVIN: What is the truth?  The truth is always in you.  It’s inside of you.  It’s not what he said or she said, it’s about what you say about yourself.
  14. Ferrara – FREDDY FERRARA: Hey Richie, it’s Freddy, your brother, ah, I know you probably heard by now what happened last night at the club but I just wanna let you know, don’t worry, everything’s okay.
  15. Lab Rat – OSMO: Lab rats. That’s what we are.  That’s what we are to them…those invisible spies.  It’s why we sleep.  Ever wonder why we sleep?  Huh?  It’s like we’re under observation and surveillance.  Look at the moon.  Lots of weird shit going on there, don’t you think?
  16. Agreed – GEORGIO:  You think I’m crazy?  (beat) I get it, I get it.  Maybe I am a little off in the head…enough to get things done and actually believe I can make it.

7 Scenes for Theatre Artists

Scenes for Two Women

  1. Basket Case (really funny comedic scene between a mother and daughter from Queens – New York)
  2. Foot of the Bed (an interesting tale of two female lovers trying to decide exactly what their relationship means to them)

Scenes for Two Men

  1. Sniff (a comedic scene between two guys in a hotel room)
  2. Imaginary, You (two brothers have a conflict over their dead father and much more unsaid)

Scenes for 1 Man 1 Woman

  1. Screen Time (A legendary screen actress GERALDINE in her nineties has a discussion with her assistant JAMESON about the state of the industry as she knows it.)
  2. The Handler (FRISK is a hit man and in this scene his girlfriend HELENA finds out for the first time.)

Scene for Three People

  1. The Way That You Act (SHANNON is annoyed that the waitress keeps eyeballing her boyfriend GREGORY.)
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