11 Creative Scripts for YouTube Creators

Are you looking for fresh content for your YouTube channel?  11 Creative Scripts is shared to help you get good ideas for a video jumpstart.

11 Creative Scripts for YouTube Creators

Mickey’s Cake – a raw comedy script for two people.  Takes place in an office setting with a manager and intern.

Way of the Wiffle Ball Bat – a short comedy scene for a woman and man.  Takes places in a living room.

Sniff – a comedic script between two men.  Takes place in motel room.

Fear of the Fat Man – a darker but silly comedic script for two guys to play at a camp site.

Alderona – a scifi styled scene between a brother and sister who have secret powers designed to help humans.

Welcome To My World – two sisters engage in conversation at a local cafe and discuss the mental well being of one of them.

Distance Between Us – a drama scene with a father and daughter who discuss why their relationship is not as good as it could have been throughout the years.

Clean Record – a short drama script about two new female friends who share a dorm room in college.

Scattered Showers – a serio-comedic scene with two women discuss the pressures of hard work and keeping up with life.

Jump Off The Earth – Beverly hasn’t been happy and she tries to talk to her husband about her needs.

C4 & D29 – a futuristic look at a way of living life but some of the new society rules can bring about turmoil amongst loved ones.


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