11 Drama Monologues for Video Creators

Are you a video creator?  Try your hand at these 11 drama monologues for your next video creation. Free material to create your own short video projects.

11 Drama Monologues for Video Creators

  1. Hardcore G – Z gives his long time friend an ultimatum because of his substance abuse.
  2. Number 2 – a powerhouse real estate mogul named Matthew confronts the second best.
  3. Soil, Air, Sky: Janet’s Monologue – Janet’s fiancé is all in on wanting to move down south where he’s originally from but it’s not what she’s ever had in mind.
  4. We Are The Distance – Teddy has the most significant choice to make in all his life regarding his brother.
  5. Second Look – Cher questions whether or not she is still attractive to men.
  6. Head In The Clouds – Drizzle tries to talk some sense in to Frank about his work ethic.
  7. Just A Crack – Rayla wants to have a good relationship but the man she is with may not be the best fit.
  8. The Way My Eyes See It – Leather talks to the one person who he thinks understands him and can help him.
  9. There Is Only Here and Now – an inspirational monologue for people to go and take action towards their dreams.
  10. Hear What I Speak – Zadkiel expresses what it feels like to forgive someone.
  11. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone – Lara wants to enjoy her youth but she happens to be with a guy who seems more introverted than she would like.

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