11 Drama Scenes for Actors from Plays

11 Drama Scenes for Actors from Plays provides creatives with short scenes from 1 act plays for scene study, acting class and auditions.

11 Drama Scenes for Actors from Plays

I don’t wish to hurt him in that way. from Yell, Kick and Scream
Two men are trying to come to terms with whether or not they should hire someone they know for a job and in the process get philosophical about their own troubles within their life.

I did something I shouldn’ta done.  from Man in the Picture Frame
Wilma notices Jarott on the run from her apartment window and invites him upstairs.

Isn’t that a strange question in the literal sense?  from A Leave of Absence
Leslie visits her boss Mr. Putnam in his office to ask for time off but Mr. Putnam is worried about Leslie’s mental state.

Their windows didn’t have light.  from Cuts
Grant and Dawn have the ability to communicate with one another from two different worlds.

You gettin’ a motorbike?  from The World Changed Colour
During economic instability and loss two friends come together to consider buying a motorbike to find their sense of freedom.

You love this woman?

You love this woman?  from Another Story Written
Moe talks to his buddy Joe about his commitment issues with the woman he isn’t sure he’s in love with.

We had the most wonderful time in those years.  from Tomorrow Will Be
Edward’s mother claims to have been spending quality time with his dead father.

It’s all written across your face.  from Final Curtain
Frank is an actor readying himself for his final performance in a theater’s closing night.

Told her I’d stick around, as long as she stuck around… from Gone Too Soon
Tarva takes care of her father Benny as best she could while he makes no effort to try and recover from the loss of her mother.

We’re here to talk about the truth.  from Julia
Julia visits the home of a doctor that gave her a note stating that she may be able to help her with her special condition.

You have an exit plan, I don’t.  from One Way Road
Pedro just wants to relax alone at the pub but his friend Babs shows up and haunts him with her talk of suicide.

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