11 Free Monologues for Teenagers

11 Free Monologues for Teenagers is a collection of pieces for teen auditions and video projects covering comedy/drama for girls and guys.

11 Free Monologues for Teenagers

  1. Where Do People Get Their Manners? – Jasmine works at a sneaker shop and can’t stomach the rude treatment of customers she encounters daily.
  2. Shadows of My Mind – Naomi suffers from depression and for the first time talks to someone about it.
  3. Some People Realize Things Later On – Veronica is inspired to become a teacher but her family doesn’t believe or accept that she can become one based on her past behavior.
  4. Something Else Takes Over – Taliyah constantly argues and disagrees with her mother.  She turns to her Aunt for help and advice.
  5. Before I Give Out – Perla’s career ambitions and college grades are causing her too much pressure.
  6. A Higher Level of Talk – Bart wishes he wasn’t such a jackass when it comes to women.
  7. Stop Playing The Victim – Sally wants to keep her friend but needs to straighten out her negative thoughts.
  8. Potato Head – Ronda can’t stand seeing her cousin wasting her youth on TV binge watching.
  9. Growing A Full Mustache – Tim needs a way out of his boyhood and decides to grow his own mustache to find his manliness.
  10. Come Together In A Joyful Manner – Carol’s deep desire is to simply see her family get along and love one another.
  11. We Will Cross That Bridge When We Come To It – Andy just wants to date girls and rejects the push he’s being given for a more serious relationship.

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