11 Killer Monologues

Murderous, Criminal, Wicked, Evil, Wretched, Devilish, Horrible, Wrong, Cruel, Scary, Terrible, Gangster, Killer Monologues.

If you’re looking to play a character in a movie or a play that has the aforementioned attributes, than the monologues below may be right for what you need.

11 Killer Monologues

STRAIGHT TO THE NITTY GRITTY – an Irish gangster just doing his job well.

PRETTY LITTLE STORY – Levin turns down a job only to discuss a potential gig for something even better.

WHEN IS THIS MONOLOGUE GOING TO END? – Raymond confesses to a crime in the most unusual way.

WHITE TAIL SPIDER – a woman who is master of toying with her victims.

IT WAS FUN WHILE IT LASTED – Bartholomo has captured the legendary Ash and has him strapped up for his final moments…

THE DARK HORSE OF PASSIVITY – a stone cold murderer recounts the tale of killing one of his victims.

THAT’S CLASSY – Giovanni takes much pride in what he believes to be his calling and talent in life.

MY BEST CUSTOMER – Bez talks about how he makes his ‘scores’ with customers.

THE MOVIE BUFF – Solomon relates to crime films in a big way and actually considers himself to be the real life version of his movie idols.

MORPH TO CAIRO – Bill talks about how his friend was wrongfully accused of a crime.

KILLING YOU – a killer has trouble doing his deed for the first time ever.

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