11 One Location Scenes for Creators

If you are working with a modest budget and wish to keep things simple, try your creative mind on these 11 One Location Scenes for Creators.

The scripted scenes below are designed to have minimal characters and are built inside of one set.

11 One Location Scenes for Creators


  1. Animal Boys (1 woman, 1 man)  Dev wants to take Isabel out on a date but all that happens is embarrassment.
  2. Boulevard (1 girl teen, 1 woman)  a mother goes after her daughter to get a job because she is fed up with her writing all the time.
  3. Cave of Da Vinci (3 men)  two men decide to rob a house but they picked the wrong house.
  4. Enough Is Enough (2 women)  Sarah goes off on the nurse who has been abusing her mother.
  5. Match Made in Heaven (1 woman, 1 man)  The first time Mick has even been truly vulnerable in the face of his girlfriend.
  6. Red Tuxedo (2 men)  Mr. Berguer makes a final business deal with Mr. Sanders that has life and death consequences.


  1. Basket Case (2 women) a mother and daughter who live together in Queens and all the crazy situations that they undergo together.
  2. I’ll Be Your Tour Guide (1 woman, 1 man) Mike gets a grand tour of his new work place environment in a very strange and awkward way.
  3. The Show (2 men) two gangsters decide to become famous by starting their own YouTube education channel.
  4. Shribble (1 woman, 1 man) going vegan isn’t the most exciting thing Frank has undergone in his life, even though his wife is on cloud nine.
  5. Common Practice (2 women) Marla teaches Jane the special trade and craft of husband control at its finest.


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