11 Scripted Scenes For Two Person Actors – DRAMATIC

Are you searching for a drama acting scene or script?  MB produces original acting material for auditions and scripts for filmmaker practice.

These scenes are dominated with one on one characters but there may be at times additional characters that come in and out of the scene as well.

  • Peak Heat Hour – A family on the verge of being torn apart…a father who makes a painful discovery about his daughter.
  • Bluejay – A young boy locked himself in a shed and Police Sergeant Martino visits him to try and become friends.
  • C4 & D29 – a future scifi tale of a husband and wife and the ‘new’ society they must live inside.
  • Jonny’s Home – two young girls are searching for their little brother when they come across a stranger.
  • The Light Shines Bright – a stripper and her club owner boss do not see eye to eye with the way she’s been performing on stage.
  • Genuine Article – a woman has had her business taken over from her business partner and her friend tries to steer her in a positive direction.
  • Parade In Me Chest – this takes place in the 19th century between two Irish rival street thugs.
  • Foot of the Bed – two female lovers try to come to terms with the true nature of their relationship.
  • Bad Talk – the neighborhood crazy is at it again when pulling a knife on someone who happens to be his cousin.
  • Two or Three Days – one brother allows his the brother to stay with him and his wife for a bit but the stay is becoming ‘too much’.
  • Blue Door Ronnie – a surreal tale of a man visiting a pawn shop only to get more than what he originally wished to bargain for.
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