11 Short Films You Can Watch Online Right Now

Check out MB’s list of 11 short films you can watch online right now.  Be sure to read our short film reviews about these short films in comedy, drama, horror, thriller and documentary.  Enjoy!

  1. 97% – by Ben Brand in which we are given an insight on how love searching happens to be different with today’s technology and an almost obsessive thing we worry about today.
  2. Thunder Road – a film about an officer’s mourning for his mother’s death as he performs her favorite song, “Thunder Road” by Bruce Springsteen.
  3. Dead Hearts – The fifteen-minute movie takes place over 70 years. It begins by introducing 7-year-old Milton Mulberry as a child from a long line of morticians.
  4. Sugarless Tea – written, directed, and edited by Sai Selverajan, is a visually beautiful short film, which has been accepted into many film festivals including the New York Indian Film Festival.
  5. A Social Life – This award winning short film provides us with an intimate look inside the life of someone struggling with social media depression.
  6. O Negative – Steven McCarthy’s O Negative interrupts dialogue driven structures to pursue interactional and essential based relationships through means of dependency and restraint.
  7. As They Continue To Fall – a creepy, dark, short film written by C. Robert Cargill who also wrote Dr. Strange, and Sinister (which is obviously where it gets its scary side) and directed by Nikhil Bhagat.
  8. Her Friend Adam – Ben Petrie’s short film exemplifies the single moment when a seemingly, and normally distressed relationship ultimately bends so far that it, and all involved – break.
  9. Napoleon In Exile – directed by Michael Lukk Litwak shows the kinds of problems that come with parenting someone with a disability.
  10. Life’s A Bitch – is just six minutes long, and chronicles a man named Phil during his hardship following a breakup.
  11. Boneshaker – stars Quvenzhané Wallis – fresh off her Academy Award-nominated performance in Beasts of the Southern Wild – as Blessing, a young girl from Ghana who exhibits troublesome and disruptive behavior.

Monologue Blogger LOVES short films and if you do too, please check out our short film section.  We support filmmakers and good stories!  =)

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