11 Theatre Scripts for All Ages

11 Theatre Scripts for All Ages presents comedy/drama 2/3/4+ person scripts for actors in need of audition material, scene study class or actor reel videos.

Topics include gate crashing, going vegan, verbal warfare, traveling to space, burning carpets, debt, robot/alien/human battle and much more.

11 Theatre Scripts for All Ages

  1. Bits and Pieces – Jennifer and Amy love gate crashing parties they were never invited to.  The part they are at seems lame until Jennifer meets a man that makes her almost speechless.
  2. Barrier 40 – Robots, Aliens and Humans are all deep in war.  This short script is about one man throwing in the towel and sacrificing his own life to help save his platoon.
  3. Shribble – Frank and Valerie have gone vegan but Frank is having the most difficult time eating healthy food.
  4. Quite The Scoundrel – one man owes another man money but dies or does he?
  5. Waking Up The Dead – a twisted tale of family traitors, murder and money.
  6. Border Patrol – Jerry is a hardcore criminal who lost his brother and has raised his brothers kids as his own.
  7. A Pair of Heroes – Bella comes home after a day out with her friend only to find her beloved carpet burnt and her Grandkids hiding.
  8. Chitter Chatter – verbal warfare between two business men who are lethal competitors.
  9. Cheesecake – Velvet is a hit woman hired to get a list of names from a sleazeball named Lester.
  10. Launch Date – Mr.Tandum is ready to end his life and seeks the help from his trusted Butler Bennett.
  11. Thumbleberry – sometimes you need to check more concretely after using the toilet and going out for the night.

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