12 Comedy Monologues for Women

Ladies, it’s time to check your pulse or die from not laughing.  These 12 female comedic monologues should at least give you a grin.  =)

12 Comedy Monologues for Women

  1. Just For Laughs 1-2 Minutes – Jane is sitting around a kitchen table having coffee and cake with her closest friends.  The women all share stories of teasing and playing practical jokes on their children.  Jane shares a recent story of a joke she played on her son unbeknownst to him.
  2. Phone Calls 1-2 Minutes – In this monologue,  Meagan talks to her girlfriend over lunch about her frustration over the games guys play when it comes to making the first call.  Meagan eats a lot of food during this monologue due to her anxiety over Frank, the guy she recently met.  The food should be used as a prop for the scene.
  3. Flycatcher 1 Minute – In this monologue,  Anna talks to her girlfriend about a humorous story regarding her and a fly.
  4. Next In Line 1 Minute – In this monologue, Lucille verbally abuses customers for no apparent reason.  This is a comedy and meant to be a monologue skit.   It’s as if a retail worker can actually speak their mind, this is what might come out.  The character is a real bitch, full of sarcasm and attitude.  Not someone you would like but it works for the piece written.
  5. The Girls 1-2 Minutes – In this monologue, Dana is listening to her girlfriend’s new love interest with hidden disgust and apparent loneliness.
  6. Ready, Aim, AIM 1 Minute – In this monologue, Rose talks to her boyfriend about being more considerate when he urinates “partially” into the toilet bowl.
  7. Dog Anxiety 1-2 Minutes – In this monologue, Raquel stops over her neighbors in her apartment complex building. She tells her of the terrible creature of a dog she has been babysitting for another friend.
  8. So Cute! 1 Minute – In this monologue, Mimi sits with her friends in the school cafeteria. She just spoke to the hottest boy in school, that all the girls are crushing on.
  9. Little Critters 1 Minute – In this monologue, Sarah is doing her “data entry” work at her job. She sits in her tiny cubicle when she notices a bug moving on top of her keypad. To say that she is scared of bugs is a huge understatement. She is petrified of bugs.
  10. Color & Style 1 Minute – In this monologue, Ziggy complains to her girlfriends about how horrible her hair looks because of the salon she went to.
  11. Snot Rags 1 Minute – Elaine tells her cousin Jessica to stop being such a slob and confronts her with regards to finding dirt ‘snot tissues’ around their apartment.
  12. Crappy Pants 2 Minutes – Elise crapped her pants on a first date with the hottest football player from Queens.  She shares this upsetting story with her friend Anna.

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