12 Comedy Monologues for Women

Ladies, it’s time to check your pulse or die from not laughing.  These 12 female comedic monologues should at least give you a grin.  =)

12 Comedy Monologues for Women

JUST FOR LAUGHS – a group of close friends discuss the tricks of their trade when it comes to playing practical jokes on their children.

PHONE CALLS – a monologue representing the silly games people play when it comes to dating.

FLYCATCHER – Anna shares the story of a joke her husband played on her.

NEXT IN LINE – the rudest cashier in the world.

THE GIRLS – Dana really isn’t in the mood to hear about how great her girlfriend’s love life is going.

READY AIM, AIM – Rose goes off on her man about not peeing straight into the toilet bowl when he uses the toilet.

DOG ANXIETY – sometimes we find ourselves way over our head when we try to do a favor for a friend.

SO CUTE! – a kid monologue about a first time crush.

LITTLE CRITTERS – what would you do if a bug dropped into your eyeball?

COLOR & STYLE – the drastic measures we can go through to get our hairstyle as perfect as can be.

SNOT RAGS – being unwell is one thing, being unwell and leaving clues around your apartment is a whole other story.

CRAPPY PANTS – sometimes first dates go worse than ever could be imagined.

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