12 Free Monologues for Teenagers

12 Free Monologues for Teenagers shares a special list of teen monologues for creative solo projects, drama class study, videos and agent auditions.

Topics include flirting, secrets, personality opposites, fashion, rejection, studying and more.

12 Free Monologues for Teenagers

  1. Stacy’s Eyes – Cristina is jealous of Stacy due to the fact that she always seems to get the most attention from guys.
  2. You’re A Potato Head – Ronda really wants her cousin to stop being a couch potato and go out and live life more often.
  3. Can I Tell You A Secret? – Mila confesses to her best friend that she has always secretly been in competition with her.
  4. Final Exam – Scotty needs help with his studies and despite his popularity and coolness he awkwardly asks one of the ‘nerds’ to help him.
  5. B Movie – Eileen talks to her friend about the difficulties she has growing up in her home.
  6. I’ve Never Worn High Heels – There’s a first time for everything and wearing high heels is no exception for young Shahla.
  7. Walk Before You Run – Justin gives his younger brother some much needed advice when it comes to slowing his roll with the girl he’s dating.
  8. Typical Teen – Shadira needs as much support as she can get from her mother as she pursues her training of being a professional figure skater.
  9. The Brush Off – Vanessa is in a fit over how her boyfriend seems to ignore her during school hours.
  10. See Me – Alina wishes to be an actress and is undergoing a series of rejection that she is having a hard time accepting.
  11. Repeat After Me – Arla is constantly dealing with her messy younger brother who always seems to have a tendency to destroy her room.
  12. Bring About Change – Melani’s number one goal in life is to make the world a better place.

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