12 Most Effective Ways Actors Can Engage on Twitter

If you’re an actor using Twitter and would like to learn the most effective ways you can engage on Twitter, please continue reading.

Twitter is always evolving new ways for their audience to become more engaged.  Actors should tune in to such developments.  Keeping up with new ways of communicating will always be beneficial.

It’s not news that Twitter and other social media platforms are great free resources for actors to promote their latest projects.

Let’s say you’ve been cast in a film.  When campaigning for your film, taking full advantage of video is a smart choice.  You can share small clips on social media to build buss and excitement for you film.  Growing your audience before your movie premieres can help lift the attention your film receives.  Film festivals can take notice if you have an already built following for your film.  The more press you receive for your film the more opportunity may come your way and using platforms like Twitter is no exception.

12 Most Effective Ways Actors Can Engage on Twitter

1. Real Photo/Personality

Share a genuine picture of yourself and give your bio a taste of your own personality flavor. This will get people to connect with you because of your authenticity.

2. Get In Front of the Line

If there is a specific subject/topic that you are extremely passionate about and naturally seem to keep on the cutting edge of its newsworthiness, it’s definitely a good idea to share such latest info on your Twitter stream. By doing so, you will receive more retweets and create stronger engagements.

3. Schedule Consistent Tweets

Knowing the best time for your tweets is a major factor in harnessing the power of your followers. It’s a good idea to review your analytics data and check out when you have the highest user engagement and to tweet your content during those peak times.

Consistency is key. It’s not really a matter of posting a new tweet every ten minutes but rather finding the most significant times to post and sticking to those times each day.

4. Sharing is Caring

Help promote your followers, especially the ones who seem to regularly share your own tweets. It’s simply the right thing to do. If there are people showing you Twitter love in their streams, there is nothing wrong with retweeting it on your own stream and taking it one step further sharing their other tweets on your stream to promote whatever it is they have going on.

5. Q & A

It’s all about engaging. That is what makes Twitter so powerful. It’s about being able to engage and ask questions. Asking your followers questions or answering questions that perhaps you were asked is one of the best ways to develop a two way conversation and build trust. If you have a website, offer a Q & A session that only gets handled on Twitter at certain days/times during the week.

6. Ask for a Retweet

Nothing wrong with asking your followers to retweet something you’ve posted that you find important or worth retweeting on. you will be surprised how many people will actually take this call to action for you and it’s a strong way to get specific messages across when necessary. Don’t ever try to abuse the RT, use your best judgement for when it counts.

How Actors Can Grow Their Twitter

7. Be A People Connector

It comes off real classy when you are the go between for two people connecting. Make the effort to introduce creators to other creators. It makes everyone stronger in their networking and terrific collaborations have the potential to take place. When you connect people to one another, it makes a positive impression and you will feel good about doing it.

9. Multiple Times, Same Tweet

If you are a content creator with a significant following on Twitter, you may need to tweet out a piece of content multiple times throughout the day/week because not everyone is going to see it in your stream, especially with different time zones around the world. This is something you don’t want to abuse and come off spammy with but there is nothing wrong with sharing a tweet a couple of time throughout the day and a few more times throughout the week to get the message out there to your followers.

10. Keep Engaging, Keep Growing

This may sound like an obvious one but as you continue to grow your followers, do your best to follow who you find interesting back. You won’t follow everyone but be sure to connect with people regularly. Check your new followers each day or week and be sure to connect.

11. Credit Source

When sharing information on Twitter from another source, it’s a good idea to also share the handle of that Twitter user. This is also a great way to forge new connections.

12. Twitter Video

Twitter just recently expanded it’s video to 140 seconds which makes more room for video content ideas. Keep up with what Twitter is doing, like their engage app, so you can keep fresh with the content you create and the ways in which you share your tweets on the platform.


There are our 12 most effective ways actors can engage on twitter.  Even if you tried and tested one or two points, it should have positive results for your account and network.

There are other ways to grow your Twitter following that you may find useful.

Remember, it is all about generating good content, growing your following and improving engagement.

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