12 Original Short Film Screenplays for Actors

12 Original Short Film Screenplays for Actors are generated as short film scenes for acting practice, drama lessons or short script projects.

12 Original Short Film Screenplays for Actors

FULL AMOUNT (2 men – comedy)
Gabe’s been waiting on his porch for his coffee delivery and expect his assistant to make it for him EXACTLY as he desire.

PIP’S RESTAURANT (1 woman, 2 men – serio-comedy)
Mugg’s is in love with Tricksy but Tricksy has eyes for someone else.

QUE AND SCHELP (1 woman, 1 man – serio-comedy)
Que and Schelp are two runaways trying to make a living for themselves as amateur criminals.

HAPPILY EVER AFTER (2 men – drama)
Reeve visits his difficult father Phil at his trailer home in order to tell him in person that he’s going to be a grandfather.

BLIND SPOT (3+ characters – comedy)
Mícheál goes to the local pub to find Father O’Connor in order to give him a confession and ask for forgiveness.

DEAD GIRL (1 woman, 2 men – dark humor)
Rex and Billy are best friends caught in dire circumstances when they realize that something tragic may have taken place.

12 Original and Funny Short Film Screenplays

NAME OF THE MAN (1 woman, 1 man – drama)
A couple accidentally hits a man in the road with their car and keep driving.

EAT BERRIES AND DRINK WHISKEY (2+ characters – comedy)
Jim Turner is giving a report on who is supposedly the oldest woman alive.

CRIME SCENE (1 woman, 2 men – dark comedy)
Perry tries to maintain his composure with a new recruit named Barney, while on the scene of a recent crime.

I’LL BE YOUR TOUR GUIDE (1 woman, 1 man – comedy)
Mike’s first day at work and he’s already regretting being hired.

WEIGHT OF LAUGHTER (2 men – dark comedy)
Boyd goes on a radio show for an interview where he gets questioned about his vocal skill for laughing in cinema.

SUNSHINE AND BIKINIS (2 men – drama)
Buster tries to lend a helping hand for his buddy Alec who recently divorced his wife and has been miserable ever since.

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