13 Contemporary Short Original Scripts

Searching for free contemporary scripts and monologues?  Here’s 13 contemporary original short scripts for actor auditions, workshops, demo reel videos or scene work for acting class.

13 Contemporary Short Original Scripts

ENCOUNTER – two strangers from upper class society fall in love at first sight.

DEAD GIRL – two friends are way over their heads with a gangster’s girlfriend and narcotics.

TRUE BLOOD TIES – the life of family behind prison bars between a father and daughter.

WEIGHT OF LAUGHTER – a surrealistic tale about a man who laughs for a living.

CHEESECAKE – a dark humor script about the underworld of criminals.

MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN – a short scripts about the vulnerability of a man admitting his love for his girlfriend.

NOT QUITE – one man makes a deal with another after discovering an affair.

REAL AGAIN – two young women in love who are making plans to runaway.

BASKET CASE – a funny take on a mother and daughter living in Queens, New York and the situations they find themselves in.

THANK YOU, ROMA – Mrs. Adelaide is coming up short on confidence and aging and turns to her trusted housekeeper for an uplift in self-esteem.

HAROLD’S EAR – a funny script about an Uncle who needs help getting a cotton ball out from his ear.

DIRT MOUTH – an inexperienced man buys a gun from a seller.

YELLOW DRESS – two strangers form a bond when a bomb goes off at an airport.


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