13 Drama Sketch Scripts for 2 Actors

A collection of thirteen dramatic sketch scripts for two actors focused on one woman and one man only.  The dramatic skits included here deal with the subject matters of money, love, abuse and life changing decisions.

13 Drama Sketch Scripts for 2 Actors

  1. The Circles Under our Eyes – a son is hard up and needs to borrow money from his money.  They meet at a diner while his girlfriend waits in the car.
  2. Back To Life – It’s the 1950’s and times were different, so different that if a woman got pregnant and decided to have an abortion it had much more dire circumstances.  This scene reveals a couple who aren’t dating but are dealing with the aftermath of such a decision during that time.
  3. Dry Patch – an intense, violent and shocking short script about a couple in a heated and ferocious argument.
  4. Match Made In Heaven – a pair of lover’s who come to terms with Mick’s first time vulnerability with his girlfriend.
  5. Devil In Man’s Eye – Marv has swung by his neighbor Patty’s house in secret in order to borrow much needed money from her to take care of the shambles in his life.
  6. C4 & D29 – we are in the future in a society that only has fragments of what we are used to today.  Different laws create different drama between this husband and wife.
  7. Resin – hogging all the pot leads this couple to get into a battle over their stash.
  8. The Untold Stories of Padgett Xarles – episode 2 – Padgett is the master mind behind a secret society where people get to carry out their fantasies with strangers for an undisclosed some of money.
  9. Story of a Plucked Lobster – a husband does all that he can for his dying wife while they remain stuck on a snowy mountaintop without any source of communication for help.
  10. Distance Between Us – a father and daughter try to come face to face with the problems they’ve had throughout the years but as it turns out, worse news is riding beneath the surface.
  11. Chicken Cutlet Sandwich and Some Wings – two teens who happen to be the greatest of friends come from different financial family’s.  One has a darker aspect that deals with money struggle and abuse, while the other comes from the style of old Americana.
  12. True Blood Ties – this is a scene where a daughter visits her criminal father in prison and although the contact remains behind bars, family drama still permeates within this relationship.
  13. Jump Off The Earth – all Beverly wants to do is swim through space in the cold quiet and smile.  Unfortunately, she’s lives at home with her hubbie Judd who is in left field about her ancient needs.

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