13 Romance Monologues (Good, Bad, Ugly)

Here’s a list of Romance Monologues that showcase the good, bad and ugly side of relationships in all its ever loving glory!  Running anywhere from 1-2 minutes long and good for acting class, reel, workshops and auditions.

13 Romance Monologues (Good, Bad, Ugly)

WOULD YOU LOVE ME IF… – Jesse asks his girlfriend silly questions to test her love for him.

DOESN’T MEAN IT WASN’T LOVE –  Jane shares her memories of first love.

FORGOTTEN – Samantha wishes her boyfriend was more supportive to her needs.

TRUST ME –  Larsen lies to his girlfriend about his cheating ways.

MARRIAGE LICENSE –  Jacklyn shares a story about how she had to show her marriage license in order to board a plane.

ACTING DIFFERENT –  Cassandra criticizes her boyfriend for acting like a wise ass in front of his friends.

APOLOGIZE SCHOOL –  Roy wants to send his girl to apologize school so she learns to admit when she’s wrong.

SMILE PRETTY, ALICE –  Anita scolds her neighbor for catching her having an affair.

SPRING FLING –  Kyra isn’t looking for anything serious with a guy.

FLYCATCHER –  Anna shares a story about a joke her hubby played on her recently.

LICK MY WOUNDS –  Crystal challenges her boyfriend’s sincerity about their relationship.

DEEP LOVE –  Ellen admits to her boyfriend that she isn’t in love with him.

SLY STATEMENTS –  Melanie has been becoming more insecure due to her boyfriend’s verbal abuse.

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