14 Monologues for All Ages

14 Monologues for All Ages is a collection of comedy/drama pieces for actor castings, classroom study, video practice and acing reels.

Topics include decoration, manhood, work ethic, salesmanship, food, mental stability, love and so much more.

14 Monologues for All Ages


  1. Real Man – Desdemona blasts her newly wedded husband on how he needs to make instant adjustments if they are to last.
  2. Popping Balloons – Rana shares the story of overcoming the obstacles she faced while trying to decorate for a birthday party.
  3. Just A Crack – Rayla wants complete happiness in her relationship and this monologue tries to communicate that to her boyfriend.
  4. Spirit Forward – Dasa encourages her boyfriend to continue to work for his dreams and all that he aspires to becoming.
  5. Gregory’s Son – Carol decides that she is finally going to form a relationship with a younger man than her husband.
  6. The Back Room – Theresa is caught in an attraction trap with the newly hired intern at her job.
  7. Swag – Melanie isn’t one of the cool kids at school and her brother gives her a difficult time about it.


  1. Nothing Wrong with Honest Work – in this monologue, Father complains to his son that he isn’t doing enough with his life.
  2. Not Until You Came Around – Jazz opens up to his woman about when he first realized he was in love with her.
  3. Living Life with Decency – Milton is on the verge of divorce and talks to his wife about what he thinks they should do to protect their children.
  4. Oatmeal Cookies – Patsy talks about the food eating competition he has ongoing with his Grandson.
  5. Dark Place – Jeffrey was an actor who lost his mind and currently resides in a psycho ward facility.
  6. Gone, Gone Burdie – Ronald is your classic infomercial salesman.
  7. The Shoulder Test – Aury talks to a friend about what to look for when it comes to physical attributes in a woman.

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