14 Published Scripts for All Ages

14 Published Scripts for All Ages (comedy/drama) is a compilation of short scripted scenes for teens/adults.  Great for auditions and script practice.

Topics include haunted hotels, physical abuse, drug dealing, personality changes, wrong side of the law and more.

14 Published Scripts for All Ages

  1. Bottom of the Stairs – Mr. Chesterfield comes back home from a long trip, only to find his wife has had her personality completely transformed.
  2. Candy – A father catches his son dealing drugs.
  3. Robot Run Z – a Scifi script on A.I. taking over humanity.
  4. Momma Wolf – Lester has a meeting with Momma Wolf to find and kill the hit woman who disfigured him for life.
  5. faded…gone – Dod is an elderly man who is forgetting his life.
  6. Fair Play – a dark tale of a corporation that will do whatever it takes to stay on top.
  7. Chicken Cutlet Sandwich and Some Wings – Doogie has gotten beaten up by his brother again and his best friend Yolanda is there at his side.
  8. Upon My Return – old English nobility meets Burger King.
  9. Enough Is Enough – Sarah catches a Nurse caring for her mother off-guard when she confronts her about the way in which she cares for her needs.
  10. Policy – Mark and Carolina make money by doing things they wish they never got mixed up in.
  11. Late At Night – Geraldine has physically struggled with a strange spirit in her hotel room and seeks help from Boyner, the caretaker.
  12. Firmly, Deeply Rooted – open for actor/creator interpretation.
  13. Tea Time – a mixture of today’s vernacular and the past meet in this comedic scene for two people.
  14. Last Wednesday – Linda and Marvi suffer through another miserable day of work.


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