14 Short Stage Plays for Drama Class Study

14 short stage plays for drama class study that can be used royalty free for non-commercial creative projects.  10 minute plays. Drama/Comedy. 2 actors plus.

14 Short Stage Plays for Drama Class Study

APRIL AND JAN – April opens up to her friend Jan about why she’s acting distant from all her friends.

CHOICE IN THE MATTER – Patricia angles to get forgiveness for opening her mouth and sharing a secret that she should have never spoken freely about.

SOFT SONG – Tina does her best to explain to her mother how she most probably won’t be able to attend what could be her Grandmother’s final birthday party.

PLAYING GAMES – Lillia doesn’t want anything more to do with her boyfriend who she caught kissing another girl.

DAMAGED GOODS – Edmund and Avy are two strangers who meet alongside a catwalk and become friends despite their differences.

READY, AIM, AIM! – Rose wants her boyfriend to understand that leaving pee puddles next to the toilet bowl is not normal.

THE SIGNING – Eliza isn’t sure what to do about whether or not she should sign a prenuptial agreement.

Short Stage Plays for Drama Class Study

EYES OF MY DAUGHTER – Mugsy is at a loss in his life as to what he should do regarding his drug addicted teen daughter.

END OF THE ARGUMENT – Jim and Kelly are a couple in love but clueless on how to make a strong start when it comes to living together.

EDIT OUT THE SAD PARTS – Carl brings up a past memory about sparing the life of a mouse.

A REASONABLE PLAN – Shabe is involved with the wrong people and is being forced to commit a crime he has no business doing.

MISTER MUTE – Harley arrives unexpectedly at Art and Pam’s home and it’s not a great idea.

PROTECTIVE SHIELD -Rita has the most difficult time trusting people and tries to figure out how she can learn to get past her trust issues.

SHADOWS OF MY MIND – Naomi talks privately to her favorite Auntie about how she secretly has a depression problem and is desperate to find a cure.

  • Bonus: Comedic

THE LAST M&M SAMURAI – a comedic look at two friends with completely different philosophies on life.

FRONT ROW SEATS – Joe is about to watch a play with his girlfriend when he suddenly need to make a desperate exit to use the bathroom.


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