14 Tips: Develop Your Actor Brand Vision

Nowadays, it’s more important than ever to think about your actor brand. Along with acting classes and auditions, determining your actor brand matters.

There are some good debates about not wasting your time with a personal actor brand and simply focus your energies on being the best actor you can be.  That may prove to be a limited way of thinking.

There tends to be misunderstandings between actor training and actor business.  The idea of one or the other and criticism of each from both sides, limits a healthy growing actor community and confuses the actor entirely.

At the end of the day, what matters most is deciding for yourself how important you feel your actor brand is for your career.

How To Develop Your Actor Brand

Today’s actor is a changing actor.

Actors have become more entrepreneurial than ever before, although there are roots in business that connect actors throughout history.

Weren’t there traveling theatre troupes that traveled from town to town, country to country, to sell and perform plays in front of people for goods?  That must have taken a particular skill in entrepreneurship, let alone acting multiple characters from multiple plays themselves.

William Shakespeare demonstrates this is one of his most famous plays, Hamlet.  There are actors such as Eleanora Duse who was raised inside a family of traveling actors who ventured from town to town performing in exchange for money, shelter and food.

The actor comes from a tradition of performing and conducting business.

Drawing upon good actor training and developing business chops will only give you the edge to manage yourself all the more wisely.

#1 Art or Artistic Business

Make no mistake.  Your craft as an artist and the way you carry yourself should be all rolled into one being…YOU.

You need to think about how the two are interconnected.

When you begin to see the parallels of actor’s you like in relation to the work they do and the individual qualities they have, you begin to see the importance of identity.

Having an awareness of yourself in your work and what you project in the world will determine your actor brand.

#2 Determine Your Unique Value 

What makes you different than your colleagues?

Spend some time contemplating that question.  It’s a life long process to understand oneself but by having an awareness of who you are, will help you know what it is you feel you can contribute to your industry.

We all have unique qualities that make us who we are.  Don’t shy away from yours.  Stay true to your own eccentricities and embrace them.

#3 Talk To Others About YOU

Find out how other people perceive you by simply asking them.

It has to be people you trust and know will give you a truthful response.  It has to be people you know that not only will be honest with you but that you feel genuinely know enough about who you are.

After you receive feedback, you may have discovered things about yourself that you otherwise may not have realized.  This is valuable when constructing and considering your actor brand.

#4 What Are Your Goals?

Reflect on where you would like to be in 6 months…a year…5 years and so on.

Do you have something about yourself that you would like to change?  It can be as simple as changing the shoes you wear.  Your actor brand is both your inner and outer self.  Maybe it’s a new hairstyle you wish to try.  It could something deeper, like speaking slower and more articulate.

It’s good to keep short and long term goals.

Longer terms goals are great to help you steer the course toward the horizon for the land you wish to reach.  Short term goals are great because they act like guideposts along the way.

It’s always a good idea to do a self-check every so often.  This can be every week, once a month or once a year.  By checking in with yourself and your actor brand goals, you take into account your progress.

#5 Consistency Counts

You can’t begin building your personal actor brand for a month and then decide to scratch it…you need to stay grounded and work at it every single day.

It’s good to evolve but evolve with consistency and when you find elements working for your actor brand, stick to it if it makes you feel honest and true to yourself.

#6 Time

As the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day…but it was built.

You need to have patience and know that it takes time to develop your actor brand.  Overnight success happens because it was backed by years of busting your ass.

Don’t take shortcuts, you have to view this for the long haul.

How To Determine Your Actor Brand

#7 Business of Branding

Always keep in mind that you are your own business.  Your actor headshot/resume, what you wear, your online media profiles are all part of your ‘company brand’.

#8 Focus On Your Strengths

Double down on what you know you are great at.

The more hard work you put into your natural talents, the more prominent you will become and the more people will begin to know and accept you for that special something.

#9 Face Your Weaknesses

Learn.  Deep down you know where you can improve.  Work at it.  Don’t ignore it.

#10 Build Your Actor Brand Online

There’s been quite a few articles written about building your actor brand online.  Things like blogging, social media and your own website.

#11 Don’t Lose Sight of Traditional Actor Marketing

There are some solid points here for the Top 10 Actor Tips for Your Marketing Toolbox to consider.

#12 What Matters Most To You In Your Work?

Know your priorities. Understand what it is that you want to really zero in on that matters most to you.  You may not give a damn about your own actor brand.  That’s fine.  To each his own.

#13 Pay Attention To The Details

It’s easy to get complacent.  It’s easy to get a little lazy and start slipping here and there.  Before you know it, things will add up and work against you.  Don’t ignore the little things.  Stay diligent on the details of your plan, your goals and your commitment to making them happen.

#14 Take Calculated Risks

Don’t play it safe.  Go out there and take a calculated risk.  Weigh your options for what you’re after or what you wish to maintain in your life and don’t get caught up with playing a safe hand. Be calculative and take a risk when it counts.


There are your 14 actor brand tips to be mindful of when working on your actor brand vision and strategy.  If you liked the article, please share it and tell your friends about it that you think may benefit from it.  Thanks!

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