15 Comedy On-Camera Scenes for Creators

Have a laugh and take advantage of these 15 free comedy on-camera scenes for creators, actors and filmmakers.  2 or more characters, 5-10 minutes in length.

15 Comedy On-Camera Scenes for Creators

BASKET CASE – a mother and daughter living together in Queens, New York and all the joy it brings.

I’LL BE YOUR TOUR GUIDE – Mike gets a grand tour from Becky on his first day of work.

THE SHOW – a real life gangster and his dopey assistant put together their very own YouTube channel in all it’s glory.

URINATION IQ – two male roommates who are total opposites and in this scene it becomes painfully obvious.

TEA TIME – a comedic take on how language evolves over time.

GUY CODE – an interesting spin on the loyalty amongst men.

THE DUCK – husband and wife have a guest living in their home who might be bonkers.

UPON MY RETURN – we went medieval and brought Burger King into the mix.

SHRIBBLE – how great is it to eat healthy?

WEIGHT OF LAUGHTER – a dark humor piece about a man being interviewed for his gift at being a laugh man for films.

THE ADVENTURES OF MOPE AND JOPE – a wacky scene that only makes comedic sense.

LAUNCH DATE – wouldn’t it be great to fire yourself off into space with your own homemade rocket?

EAT BERRIES AND DRINK WHISKEY – an unhappy journalist does a story on the oldest living person on Earth.

CHITTER CHATTER – these two guys really love competing with one another in more ways then one.

COMMON PRACTICE – Marla instructs Jane on how to take full ownership of hubby.


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