15 Comic Sketch Scripts for Filmmakers

Here’s an original collection of funny short scripts free for adaptation and creative use.  Most run 5-10 minutes and involve 1-5 actors at most.

Really great for acting practice, film study with camera work or video channel uploads to share with your community.

15 Comic Sketch Scripts for Filmmakers

  1. I’ll Be your Tour Guide – a newbie hire gets the grand tour from a overly seasoned hostess.
  2. Clock and Tree – a short comic scene where the meaning is what you decide to make it.
  3. Little Petey – Amos confesses to his friend that he has a less than average sized private part.
  4. Smooth Motion Teddy Bear Pie – confessing one’s love for someone isn’t always a good idea.
  5. Upon My Return – way back hundreds of years ago in England and the Knight who must find Burger King.
  6. Eating Monster Machine – a bet between friends based on how quiet one can eat without sounding like a slob.
  7. Thumbleberry – two idiot friends on one night out with a surprise on one of their thumbs.
  8. Pigeon People – when one friend shares something too personal that was better off left unsaid.
  9. Sniff – ever see someone sniff their fingers multiple times in a weird way?
  10. Mickey’s Cake – when you need to take a dump it’s probably not a good idea to inform your intern.
  11. Way of the Wiffle Ball Bat – a mother ends up whacking her son with a wiffle ball bat to save him from choking.
  12. Tea Time – the vocabulary of the past meets the present in this funny spoof.
  13. Shribble – is going vegan all that it’s cracked up to be?
  14. Dead Girl – two guys and one dead girl faced down in cocaine.  No problem.
  15. Blind Spot – an Irish pub in Galway and the son who tries to find his mother after accidentally smacking her.


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