15 Compelling Actor Monologues for Auditions

Lend your acting talent on 15 robust drama/comedy monologues for actor auditions. Topics on dating, materialism, honor, betrayal, anger and anxiety.

15 Compelling Actor Monologues for Auditions

  1. Two Sides To My Personality – Johannes opens up to a friend about how he sometimes feels like their are two personalities living inside of him.
  2. Underappreciated – Roberta does not feel any appreciation from her loved one’s.
  3. Too Much Water Under The Bridge – Abelia is fed up with being mistreated by a family member and signs off on goodbye papers.
  4. We Will Cross That Bridge When We Come To It – Andy doesn’t want a serious relationship and in this monologue he tries to explain this to the girl he’s dating.
  5. Against The Negativity – Jesse talks about the various challenges she experiences to make it out of her neighborhood.
  6. Trying To Turn A Teenager’s Life Around – Mr. Ludlow sees himself in a troubled teenager and offers him a job.
  7. Never Be The Same – Pal catches his cousin stealing from him.
  8. Video Game Obsession – Coleman is freaking out over the fact that her grown up boyfriend has become video game obsessed.
  9. Mental State Down – William talks to a friend about how he finds it most difficult to stay come in stressful situations.
  10. Not Making It Anymore – Jack talks to his girlfriend about breaking up after three years.
  11. My Green Lawn – Frederick stakes out his house lawn in order to catch the dog that’s been pooping on it.
  12. Popping Balloons – Rana does her best to decorate her house for a birthday party but her son and his friends pop the balloons.  Doh!
  13. Real Man – Desdemona straightens out her husbands rude ass manner.
  14. The Girls – Dana hears out her friend’s exciting date in hidden disgust.
  15. Dog Anxiety – Zara goes off on a rant about watching her neighbors dog.

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