15 Funny Video Ideas To Make With Your Friends

You can use these 15 funny video ideas to make with your friends however you want?  Bend these comedic scripts & monologue to your own will and have fun.

15 Funny Video Ideas To Make With Your Friends

Basket Case - Funny Video Ideas

Script Idea Number 1: BASKET CASE

Scenario:  Ma comes home with the terrible news that their has been a death in the family.  She tells her daughter Vicky and that they need to start getting ready for the wake.  The only problem is that Vicky never knew

Suggestion: You can keep the entire script in one location.  If you do wish to expand, there is nothing wrong with adding a scene of Ma sitting in her car before entering the house and also adding another scene of them dressed and ready to go at the end.

It all depends on how you want to interpret the text based on the creative choices you want to make.  There are many options.

Script Idea Number 2: The Duck

Scenario: Husband and wife team up on their guest who they begin to believe is losing grip on reality.

Suggestion:  Keep it simple.  You may want to take a shot of the guest and go back and forth between shots of the couple to build humor/suspense to the scene when the guest enters.

Script Idea Number 3:  Entirely, As Well

Scenario:  A demonstration of a couple going through the elements of love and hate inside of one relationship.

Suggestion:  You can choose to have your two actors either face one another, face away from each other or switch back and forth.  You can even stage the whole scene.  This is a very versatile scene in the sense that you can really play around with the characters in terms of movement and dialogue.

Script Idea Number 4: Sniff

Scenario: Ben has been observing Harry continuously sniffing his fingers without giving it a second thought.  He finally raises the question WHY.

Suggestion: This scene takes place in one location which also doubles down on keeping the situation more intense between the characters and adds to the humor factor.  Take advantage of a close space.

10 Funny Monologue Video Ideas

10 Funny Monologue Video Ideas

  1. The Last M & M Samurai (male)
  2. Just For Laughs (female)
  3. Medium (male)
  4. There He Is (male)
  5. Proud Mom (female)
  6. Side Effects (male)
  7. Crappy Pants (female)
  8. Just For Laughs (female)
  9. Upon My Return (male)
  10. Flycatcher (female)
  11. Urination IQ (scene)


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