15 Great Movie Scripts Free To Download

If you want to make a film project happen and need a script you believe in, try out Monologue Blogger’s 15 Great Movie Scripts Free To Download to create.

MB provides creators (actors, filmmakers, producers) a powerful resource filled with a growing inventory of thousands of free monologues and scripts.

We provide a wide variety of free movie scripts for non-commercial movies, so you can go out and kick some ass without restriction.

All you need to do is hit us back with a credit and link and we call it even.

The goal is to see you take steps closer to your dreams and creative aspirations.  We want you to do well.

You may use our free movie scripts for the classroom.  You may use our movie scripts to shoot a scene and gain some content for your demo reel.  You may use our movie scripts for your YouTube channel or go one step further and really give it a go by making a solid short film and going after film festival submissions.

We have some of the top film schools in the world using our material and budding film students have gone on to win awards, all for the cost of nothing but passion, drive and the love of storytelling.

Pick a script and get to work.  =)

15 Great Movie Scripts Free To Download

The scripts below are shared based on making a low budget film, so you will find a minimal amount of characters and locations.  Duration is usually around the ten minute mark but depending on your own adaptation can be shorter or longer as you deem fit.

THE CASE OF THE GORGONZOLA TOE NAIL – Pack accuses Burpie of stealing his beloved toe nail clipper.  Gross but true.

THE ANATOMY OF HEART’S PROMISE – this is an interior monologue that serves as a metaphor and is really open for your interpretation.

ZERO VISIBILITY – sometimes truth gets spoken out in anger and that just may be the case with these two women, who are stuck in a car during a winter storm.

GUY CODE – sometimes conflict in the office doesn’t go as one expected.

JACKSON’S FAMOUS BANANA SPLIT – two disgruntled brothers embark on making a living by driving around inside an ice cream truck.

WAY OF THE WIFFLE BALL BAT – the all too common tale of a mother dealing with her annoying son who chokes on a sandwich.

FIX – Taylor has been extremely patient and kind to the head contractor who isn’t doing the right sort of job for her home renovation.

15 Original Movie Scripts Free To Download

SHRIBBLE – Frank and Valerie have gone vegan and Frank is climbing walls with hunger and lack of discipline.

DAMNED IF I DO – Laborio has always been the only person ever truly there for his younger brother but the problem is that his younger brother has always been a troublemaker.  Now faced with a life and death situation, Laborio’s woman tries to prevent him from getting involved.

DEATH WAS THE ONLY OPTION – Saul and Jenni are two friends with many dark secrets.

PLACE YOUR BET – an owner of an ad agency and her loyal assistant have major disagreements on where the company should go next.

I’LL BE YOUR TOUR GUIDE – Mike’s first day at work and he’s given a tour guide he will never be able to remove from his mind.

ANIMAL BOYS – Dev wants to get with Isabel but Isabel will never give him the right time of day because of one thing…he’s a dirtbag.

RED TUXEDO – two business men negotiate a deal while attending a private event.


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