15 High Energy Acting Games for Young Acting Students

Looking for more drama games?  Drama teachers will find trust & ensemble building, observation & movement and improv exercises for high alert acting games.

The games and exercises included in this article are aimed at kids/teens but adults are certainly welcome to use them!

Let’s dive in and have a look at some of the acting games we’ve shared.

15 High Energy Acting Games for Young Actors

15 High Energy Acting Games for Young Actors

Ensemble Building

Musical Chairs

This is a classic game.  Line up a row of chairs, minus one chair based on the amount of acting students you have.  If you have 12 students, only line up 11 chairs.  Each chair will be facing each other side by side.  The actors must rotate around the chairs in a circle when music plays.  When the music stops, they must take a seat.  The actor left without a seat gets eliminated.  The game continues on until there is only one actor remaining.

Animal Jungle Game

Each actor gets to select an animal they wish to be.  No one is to say what they have chosen.  The atmosphere takes place inside a jungle.  The idea is to see what truths exist between animals as they inhabit the same space together.

Send Back

For this exercise, have your actors stand in a circle facing center.  To start things off, the first actor must make a high energy movement and send it to an actor on the opposite side of the circle.  That actor takes the movement, enacts it and sends it back across the circle to another actor.

Imaginary Basketball

Divide a team up into two groups.  Each team will play each other with a half-court hoop.  The hoop and basketball are completely imaginary.  Good for two teams of two to five people.

Observation and Movement


This exercise takes place with one actor going on stage or in the center of a room.  The actor must mime a situation.  Could be making breakfast, polishing a pair of shoes, cleaning up a room ect.  The group must observe the actor.  The actor gets one full minute to mime.  When the actors time is up, the drama teacher will select one actor to imitate the scene they just observed.

Clay Game

Divide your acting group into two.  One group is going to play the sculptures and the other group is going to be the clay.  The sculpture will move the clay group into different positions with face and body.  The clay group must remain in the position they are place into.

Walking On The Moon

The group of actors must be in imaginary space suits.  They are on a moon mission.  You can decide what that moon mission is to be and the group must move as if they are in space, while achieving their mission.

Invisible Ping Pong

One actor versus another actor on an imaginary ping pong table.  You can do this with a game of pool or darts as well.

Improv Games and Acting Exercises for Young Actors


Gibberish Story

One actor must tell a story in utter gibberish.  Keep it short and to the point.  The actor tells the story to one actor, who then must pass it on in gibberish to the next actor.  This continues until reaching the end of the group.  Once finished, the group can discuss what they believe the story to have been.


Two actors go on stage and the drama teacher will provide a feeling.  This can be anger, rage, sadness, love, triumphant, excited, depressed, shocked ect.  The two actors on stage must assume a statue position expressing the feeling called out.

Store Owner

One actor plays the store owner and the rest of the class are customers.  Each customer has a distinct characteristic.  A certain vocal sound, walk, facial expression.  The store own needs to go up to each customer and ask them if they need any help.  While the improv dialogue ensues, the store owner must imitate the customers character features.  Once he/she has imitated the customer well enough, they move on to the next customer and ask them if they need any help.  The drama teacher will tell the store owner when to move on to the next customer.

Car Ride

Four actors sit in a car and improvise about the different things they drive past.  The idea is to have each actor fall into whatever story develops as a unity, developing whatever event is taking place outside their vehicle.

Trust Building

Fall Back

An actor closes their eyes and crosses their arms over their chest.  They let themselves fall back, allowing an actor to catch them with the palms of their hands on the falling actors back.  Only allow no more than two feet max before the actor gets pushed back forward.

Lift Up

An actor gets lifted up into the air by the entire ensemble.  The game starts out with one actor on the floor.   Each actor is assigned a specific part of the persons body to lift.  Together, the entire group will lift the actor up, walk around the room holding the actor and then slowly back down to the floor.

Blind Jog

One actor is blindfolded.  The rest of the class forms a line at the opposite side of a room.  The blindfolded actor must jog towards the actors.  No one is the make a sound which will intensify this trust building exercise.  When the blindfolded actor gets close enough to the other actors, they will gently stop him/her.

Acting Games

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