15 Powerful Male Comedic Monologues

Audition monologues that explore some of the more unrefined side of human nature through comedy.  You may also like top monologues for film & theatre.

  1. There He Is – ever have someone truly annoying in your life that you have no choice but to deal with?
  2. Sack and Crack –  Bruce phones his buddy for help in this an awkward and painful predicament to say the least.
  3. Welcome To The Club – a father pushes his son in the direction to becoming a man.
  4. Picasso Reincarnated – a man with too much time on his hands decides he is a master painter but has a rude awakening.
  5. Side Effects – a ‘specialist’ in medication invents a new cure for just about everything but what is he really curing?
  6. Pull Ups – stoned and buggin’, Mario tells his friend about how he witnessed his cat doing pull ups in the bathroom.
  7. Protein – anybody hungry?  In this monologue you have someone who enjoys protein by way of the booger.  Finger licking good…
  8. Not Your Average Asshole – here’s a monologue where a boss is fed up with a worker and gives him the boot with style.
  9. Gone, Gone Burdie – a salesman that can sell bark to a tree.
  10. Medium – dude, fess up…your small.
  11. Bird In My Ass – the title is self-explanatory.  Literally.
  12. Thank You For The Opportunity – wouldn’t this feel good to get off your chest?
  13. Crop Duster – this guy to one on the chin like you would not believe!
  14. Yo – this monologue explores contradiction.
  15. Upon My Return – Burger King during the Middle Ages is an interesting combo.
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