15 Rules Actors Can Follow To Become An Influencer

Brands are tapping influencers on the shoulder and making deals but how does one become an influencer?  Actors can use content and influencer marketing strategies to position themselves to work with companies that want to partner up.

It’s great for actors to think about additional ways in which building a following online can lead to the possibility of making a living.  I also extend my hand to all creatives in general, as I find that many of the elements covered in this piece are helpful to not only actors.

There was a study I found from a company called Augure that talks about how most influencers are defined with 3 distinct qualities.

  • 79% – are able to mobilize opinions and create reactions about a specific topic of interest.
  • 73% – have a reasonably sized community focused on a specific area.
  • 62% – have a significant degree of sharing their opinion on a subject.

An influencer can actually have a smaller following that is highly targeted to a specific niche and yet still have enormous influence within their community.  There may not be millions of people following such an influencer but even 10,000 loyal influencer followers can have a major impact for a brand because the people are so highly targeted.

  1. Engage on Social Media – join the conversation, ask questions, give answers…engage!
  2. Create high quality content – don’t waste people’s time with mediocre content creations
  3. Be available – don’t turn your back on people, be friendly and genuine
  4. Partake in events – get out there, it’s not all about digital, meet people in person
  5. Put in the work – be willing to work extremely hard
  6. Keep patient – don’t expect to grow an audience overnight, it takes time
  7. Be consistent with your content – keep a schedule with your content production
  8. Open Up – don’t be afraid to share who you really are
  9. Share – nothing wrong with sharing other high quality content from others you find awesome
  10. Keep On It – if you find that what you are doing is gaining traction, keep at it
  11. Educate – don’t stop learning new things
  12. Grind – you have to keep the hustle up, even when you get tired
  13. Level Up – keep pushing yourself to new heights based on your goals
  14. Speaking events – talk in front of crowds and share your knowledge
  15. Collaborate – create partnerships with other like minded influencers

Now that you have some guidelines, it’s also important to understand the other side of the fence, which is where the potential working relationship with companies operate.  The more hip and wise you are to what brands need, the better you can incorporate that logic into your own content strategies without it hurting your own brand because you are approaching things in a native way.

Here’s what brands are thinking:

  • Matching Content To The Influence – brands have their own vision for their company culture, so they are only tapping the shoulders of influencers that they think fit the primary function of what they are campaigning.  For example, Nike isn’t going to be interested in Grandma’s knitting blog, unless there’s some magic concept that will invigorate Nike through that particular platform in some way.  So, stay true and loyal to your own brand but also keep in mind what other potential working company relationships need as well.
  • Trust – brands are looking for influencers who have a loyal following.  That following is based on trust.  By you having a solid community behind you, brands are more interested in working with you because if you were to recommend their brand through your platform, your community will pay attention.
  • Events – sometimes a brand will send an influencer off to an event to write a blog post about it on their blog with the notion that good blog hype will encourage that particular blog community to purchase a product or attend a major event with ticket sales ect.

Some more tips on thinking about how brands are working with influencers It’s not enough to just build your community online and have a following.  It’s just as important to know what to do next once you get to that point as well.

Remember, know your personal brand first before venturing into content production.  It’s great to experiment and try new ideas out but always take calculated risks with your time.  Always do some research and soul searching before diving into whatever project you want to create online and don’t forget to have fun and enjoy what you do!  =)

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