15 Teen Monologues

Make a difference in the audition room with one of these fantastic teen monologues.  Doesn’t matter if your a girl or guy, we have zillions of teen monologues.  Maybe not zillions, but enough for you to find one! =)

  1. The Bear – ANYONE:  I want to care less about caring so much…I think that’s been my biggest—well, one of my problems, anyway…there have been times in my life when I have been lucky to ‘let go’ completely and I’m flying but flying in such a way where it feels as though something greater than me is carrying me afloat; a connection to something higher, wider.  Does that sound corny?
  2. Every Which Way – SUSANNA:  You try so hard to be my friend again.  Every which way, but it doesn’t work  like that.  What you did really put a wedge between us…I would say a split but we have so much history for so many years—I’v been confused on my end as well as far as letting you into my life…to a certain degree, that’s as far as you will be allowed to go.
  3. Lick My Wounds – Crystal:  I don’t know what to say…if you don’t love me, leave.  I don’t want to be with someone who feels that they are wasting their time.  Really, I don’t need it.  Well, you claim that you don’t love me anymore, not like when we first met and you throw that in my face every time we have some sort of disagreement…so, go.  Leave.
  4. On The Surface – Kara: …I don’t know Mrs. Melandi…I don’t care…I don’t care about being popular or “fitting in” like everyone else does.  I don’t know why I am who I am, I didn’t ask to be here…I just am.  I just do the things I like doing and I don’t care what anybody else thinks.
  5. Acting Different – CASSANDRA: You act different.  Whenever we are all hanging out, you put on this macho man type act.  You don’t act like you when you’re in front of your friends.  I don’t like it.  Why do you do that?
  6. So Cute! (comedy) 1 Minute – MIMI: Oh My God! Do you think he likes me?
  7. One Thing – JEFF:  What are we today? (beat) An Astronaut? A Chef?  Maybe you’re gonna be a Doctor of some kind…It’s one thing if you want to jump around when you’re a kid but not okay when you’re a grown ass man with a wife and three kids.
  8. Swag – MELANIE:  So what if I’m not one of the cool kids at school?  So what?  …Because I don’t have nice swag or whatever, I’m not considered good enough?
  9. Bubble World – JASMINE: Pink dress, purple dress, white dress…that’s all I hear.  Brown shoes, white shoes, yellow shoes.  On and on and on.
  10. I’ve Never Worn High Heels –  SHAHLA: Whoa! (clears her throat)  (giggling) They feel really, REALLY, strange.  Whoa!  (As if on a tight rope) Okay, okay, okay, okay, I’m going to walk from here to YOU!  Okay.  Okay, now.  You ready?  Are you ready to catch me if I fall?  haha.  Okay.
  11. Can I Tell You Something? – JASMINE:  Can I just tell you something?  You know I’m not one to use profanity, in fact I hate curse words but I really, really, really think that your boyfriend is the most obnoxious human being I ever met in all my life.  He is, without question, the dumbest, most annoying, rude, inconsiderate little boy I have ever come into contact with.  I can’t stand him and I’m sorry that I’m telling you this but if I don’t tell you what I think and feel than I’d be making our friendship a lie.
  12. Mad Mike–  MICHAEL: “I was in my Mercedes checking out the ladies, along came a girl who said she was crazy, I opened my door to let her in, I said, “Yo baby, wanna go for a spin?”
  13. Never Been Kissed – KERRY: I want to…I do…I, I want to know what it’s like.  I’m so afraid I’ll be bad at it though.  I watch how it’s done from the movies and t.v. and stuff but I don’t know if I can kiss like that.  How do they breathe?
  14. Mind Trick – Male/Female:  Sometimes I feel like I’m not normal…what is normal anyway, right?  I guess, like everyone else.  I get stupid thoughts sometimes.
  15. RRRR!! – RUTH: RRRRRRRR!!!!  (she throws her hand bag) RRRR!!! (she picks her hand bag up from the floor—takes out cellphone—makes call) …KAY!  Kay, it’s me.  Can you, can you talk?? (beat) They won’t let me date him! (half beat) Yeah! They won’t let me go out—because they’re selfish assholes, that’s—they found out from my sister…
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