19 Best One-Act Plays for Drama Department

19 Best One-Act Plays for Drama Department offers universities, high schools and drama classes dramatically stimulating and modern plays.

19 Best One-Act Plays for Drama Department

LITTLE FISH – Bryan and his wife and in their kitchen going through another typical day of living, but under the surface of these two people, things aren’t exactly what they seem.  Drama.

THE DANCING MAN – Max is hired to bring Bree across America, only to discover that they’ve been traveling with a stranger in the trunk of their stolen car.

DRAGONFLY WHISPERS – Flora hears things, especially behind her kitchen wall.  Her husband Norman does his best to decipher what’s going on…is he playing along or does he hear something too?

NO HARM IN ASKING – Corbin’s dad was buried without him even knowing and the person left holding the bag is his stepmother Luzzy.

ICE CREAM FROM A WINDOW – Cathy is emotionally erratic and unpredictable.  She meets with her friend Barbra at an ice cream parlor but their get together is anything but average.

ACID TASTE – three teenage friends go for a walk along a polluted lake when one is dared to go for a swim.

HONEY COMES FROM BEES – After five years after her teenage son had gone missing, Lora’s son comes back.  He isn’t the same person he once was and Lora is tasked with the belief that she can restore him to his former self.

PRESSED AGAINST THE ROAD – a mother and daughter have a deep bond and understanding based on their own inner desires.

INVISIBLE ROADS – Jud needs to borrow her best friend’s father’s gun in order to get some money.

NO SHADOW CAN TOUCH – Rick was beginning to have a dance career he could be proud of only to have an accident that promises to never allow him to dance again.  What is he going to do with a wife and child?

19 Best 1 Act Plays for Drama Department

FAR ENOUGH – Earlier in the summer Matt was witness to a terrible incident that he ran away from and it’s been haunting him ever since.

A SHADE OR TWO DARKER – Lion is darker skinned than his parents and this secret internal conflict within this family unit has finally reached its breaking point.

ROSE TO ASH – Aggie is a young woman trapped in a world with her uncle that she can never break free from.

FADE TO BLACK – Gram is an elderly man who believe his two sons are out to murder him for his property.

NIGHT OF THE PARTY – Ronan doesn’t wish to go to yet another boring public event but his wife refuses to give in to him.

BURNING FLOWERS – Riona didn’t want to be a mother and believes her husband Sean manipulated her into becoming one.

SCRATCHING THE SURFACE – Ouzo shows up at his ex-girlfriend’s art gallery only to discover terrible news.

DAY FOLLOWS NIGHT – Tyra is on her own drunk and cold at four in the morning.  She turns to her only true friend for help.

BIG TIME – Maddock tells his boxing manager why he never reached his full potential.

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