19 Free Monologues for Teenagers

19 Free Monologues for Teenagers shares a powerful list of excellent teen monologues 1-2 minutes long for agent and casting director auditions.

Topics include following your true path, anger management and temper tantrums, mistakes, forgiveness, discipline, good manners and much more.

19 Free Monologues for Teenagers

  1. True Calling – Charla talks to her close friend about not giving up on the things that matter most to your heart.
  2. The Baby Hasn’t Been Fed Yet – Tiffany loves her Uncle but the big problem she encounters with him all the time is that he is too high strung to be around.
  3. Something Else Takes Over – Taliya has trouble at home with her mother.  Her ongoing battles with her mother has led her to spend time with her Aunt and seek her help.
  4. Going Away – Dell admits the truth to his friend about why he’s so hesitant about leaving for spring break.
  5. Stop Playing The Victim – Sally wants to hang out with positive minded people and she’s tired of chilling out with her negative best friend.
  6. False Make Out – Cassandra kissed a good friend of hers but realizes it was a mistake.
  7. From Dad – Sean reveals to his girlfriend his most painful memories growing up as a child.
  8. Please Forgive Me – Jesse comes from a messed up home and he is beginning to take out his problems on the one person who is ever truly there for him, his girlfriend.
  9. Before I Give Out – Perla is feeling the pressure from school and work and is beginning to doubt her inner strength.
  10. Rosy, Peachy, Apple Eating Life – Samantha isn’t close to her folks and when she roommates at college and sees her new friend being so warm and fuzzy with her parents, it makes her wonder.
  11. Just So You Know – Sally gets treated like a dog from her sister and in this monologue she reveals her feelings about it.
  12. Acting Different – Cassandra doesn’t like her boyfriend as much when he is surrounded by his friends and acting like a tough guy.
  13. Bubble World – Jasmine is upset with her cousin for being too materialistic and self-absorbed.
  14. Never Been Kissed – Kerry has never kissed a guy and is nervous about her approach when she does.
  15. Light, Somewhere – Helena is pursuing a career for all the wrong reasons and must learn to put herself first, even if it means hurting the ones she loves.
  16. Where Do People Get Their Manners? – Jasmine hates the people that come into the store she works for because they always seem to be nasty.
  17. Some People Realize Things Later On – Veronica wants her family to believe in her choice of wanting to be a schoolteacher.
  18. I’m Not Dumb – this monologue explores what it’s like to feel like you aren’t as intelligent as those around you.
  19. Stop Keeping An Eye On Me – Zana argues with her brother over the fact that he isn’t her father and shouldn’t watch every move she makes when going out.

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