20 Free Monologues for Teenagers

20 Free Monologues for Teenagers of All Ages explores a grouping of comedy/drama teen monologues for creative projects and solo works.

Topics include family bonds, breaking up, trust, religious belief, humility, dating and more.

20 Free Monologues for Teenagers

  1. Attention – Michelle just wants to see her family in better spirits and she feels her sister is always the cause of drama.
  2. People Never Seem To Want To Engage With Me – Clarissa tells her boyfriend that whenever she talks no one ever seems to listen.
  3. Do What Makes You Happy – Netty hopes her friend begins to gain more confidence and not turn to others for approval when it comes to her music.
  4. Trust Me For Once – Pala argues with her Mother over which college she is choosing to attend if accepted.
  5. A Fool With A Sensitive Heart – Irva hasn’t seen her friend since college and now that they are hanging out again, doesn’t like the change in his character.
  6. Same Routine, Different Day – Cheyanne needs her Dad to back off so that she can feel like she has her own life.
  7. One Hundred Percent Sure – Jabez faces the ongoing issues he has within himself over whether or not he believe there’s a God.
  8. Say Something – Sala discusses privately with her friend over how they should approach another mutual friend about her ongoing drug usage.
  9. The World Is Not Kind – Polly wants to be treated like an adult and in this monologue explains why.
  10. Figuring Out My Purpose – Elena struggles to figure out her life’s calling.
  11. Picking Out A Prom Dress – Lianna tries to convince her father to buy her a more expensive prom dress.
  12. Breaking Up For Good – a short monologue from the character Crystal about breaking up with her boyfriend.
  13. Lack of Connection – Soya has a heart to heart with her mother over how they aren’t as close as she hopes they one day can be together.
  14. I Don’t Want To Be A Housewife – Kendal bugs out over the pressure she faces when constantly being told to do things she doesn’t want to do.
  15. Please Tell Me How – Cornella talks about the difficult time she is having grieving over her father’s sudden and unexpected death.
  16. Straight A Student – Paige isn’t happy about who she is and she wishes to change her High School image.
  17. RRRR! – Ruth is deeply upset over not being granted permission by her parents to date a guy she likes.
  18. A Walk In The Son – Alderon is hesitant to make his girlfriend a vampire just like him.
  19. Heavy Cough – Emilia hasn’t been feeling so well and she tries to convince her mother that she thinks that something may seriously be wrong with her.
  20. Know What You Are Worth – Janet confides in her sister to raise her confidence levels and be less humble.


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