20 Monologues and Scenes for Actor Demo Reels

No footage for your actor demo reel?  Monologue Blogger provides actors with thousands of free monologues to choose from and free short scripts/scenes/skits as well.

20 Monologues and Scenes for Actor Demo Reels

  1. Warped Negative Vibrancy
  2. Not Just Yet
  3. Remote Control of My Existence
  4. Burbling Evil Twin
  5. Speak The Truth
  6. Rainy Parade
  7. Thrive On Hate
  8. He Read My Poems
  9. Black Cloud
  10. Repeat After Me
  11. Harm’s Way
  12. Down The Road
  13. Sense of Belonging
  14. Can I Tell You A Secret?
  15. The King Has Risen
  16. Expect A Major Storm
  17. Moment
  18. The Board Has Taken Vote
  19. Hold On To Your Vision
  20. Take Over The World

There are two links shared below in this post that will take you to scripts that may be used for your demo reel and a really good contemporary monologues page with both published and stand alone monologue content.

  1. 10 Practice Scripts for Actors – a nice selection of scripts for two characters.
  2. Contemporary Monologues from Published Plays – a wide range of comedic/dramatic monologues.

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