20 Short Film Scripts

20 Short Film Scripts offers original scripts for actors, filmmakers, creators, teachers to use free screenplays for comedy/drama projects.

20 Short Film Scripts

BASKET CASE (2 women – comedy)
Ma just lost her brother and she tries to explain to her daughter how to get ready for the wake.

FEAR OF THE FAT MAN (2 men – comedy)
Willo is afraid of heavyset people because when he was a kid he was regularly abused by a big bully.

ZERO-VISIBILITY (2 women – serio-comedy)
Two women are stuck inside their car during a snow blizzard while waiting for help to arrive.

CRUEL JOKE (2 men – comedy)
Pat and Vin freeze their butts off during a winter night while they wait for instructions from their boss to do their next criminal gig.

COMMON PRACTICE (2 women – serio-comedy)
Marla instructs Jane how to keep her man within her control at all times.

During the middle of the night Pack accuses Burpie of stealing his beloved toe nail clipper.

THE DUCK (1 woman, 1 man – comedy)
Jerald and Meredith have a dear friend staying with them as a guest but his odd behavior makes them question his sanity.

LAUNCH DATE (2 men – comedy)
Mr. Tandum is a wealthy man who desires one thing only, to get launched into outer space.

Jackson battles dealing with his extremely difficult brother Willy Boy while trying to run his ice cream truck business.

OTHER SIDE OF THE OCEAN (1 woman, 1 man – comedy)
Ava and Tucky are trying to figure out how they can go to Italy for the first time together.

20 Short Screen Scripts for Actors to Study

IMAGINARY YOU (serio-comedy)
Waldo’s father just died and he receives a visit from his brother Rallye for being absent at the funeral.

THANK YOU, ROMA (2 women – drama)
Mrs. Adelaide wants to know if she is still considered pretty and asks her assistant what she believes.

NOT QUITE (2 men – drama)
Two men meet at a hotel lobby when one of them informs the other about the affiar he is having with his wife.

BOULEVARD (2 women – drama)
Mother harps on her daughter over the fact that she’s always home writing instead of working a job to help the family.

CAVE OF DA VINCI (3 men – drama)
Two burglars pick the wrong house to rob when they meet a gangster who knows how to call the shots.

CHUTZPAH (2 women – drama)
A troubled teenager encounters the local homeless lady and the two strike up an interesting conversation.

ONCE IN A BLUE MOON (2 men – drama)
Elmer wants his money and if he doesn’t get it the payback is going to be something a little more sinister than Slade could ever imagine.

REAL AGAIN (2 women – drama)
Rene and Kendra are in love with one another but both come from rough and poor families.  The two young women try to figure out how to escape their lives.

ANIMAL BOYS (1 woman, 1 man – drama)
Dev likes Isabel but has the worst way of showing it after he fails to be nice and instead turns to insult.

DEAR HEATHER (1 woman, 1 man – drama)
Arthur is closing his shop for the last time and turns to Heather to give her something to show his appreciation for her hard work and loyalty.

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