21 Best One-Act Plays for High School

21 Best One-Act Plays for High School offers students and drama teachers a variety of 10 minute plays for license-free productions.

21 Best One-Act Plays for High School

DESPITE THE RAIN – Elizabeth has psychic powers and clairvoyant investigator Harry meets her for the first time.

WASTE OF TIME – Byron is ahead of his time being a teenager who has started a successful bike company, but school and his parents stand in his way of growing his brand.

DON’T LEAVE ME WITHOUT MUFFIN – Ginger is caught in the act of running away from home.

DUST IN OUR EYES – Dean tries to lift his friend Paula’s spirits by revealing how his perspective on life.

ACID TASTE – Three friends hang out beside a toxic lake and one of them gets dared to go for a swim.

OTHER SIDE OF THE CHASM – Chad has never felt like he fits in at school and despite his only friend Lia being there for him, he still is down on himself.

SIREN IN THE NIGHT – Crystal is a runaway who runs into her former best friend’s father in a parking lot.

TREAT ME DIFFERENT – Marshall is struggling to come to terms with his identity and despite his efforts he tries to indiscreetly talk to his father.

MY SIDE OF THINGS – Sisters Clara and Tyra try to work out their differences after speaking honestly about their issues.

THE OUTCOME OF DESIGN – Jeffrey and Gesebel contemplate the true meaning of life.

19 Best 1 Act Plays for High School Drama

ROSE TO ASH – Aggie has been raised in poverty by her good for nothing uncle and without an escape plan ready, she may do something way more unexpected.

THEM CANDLES – Kendra suffers from a lung disease that prevents her from experiencing life as she wishes she could.  When a young man visits her, her mother doesn’t approve.

LAUGHTER IN THE DISTANCE – Marva has been putting pressure on her son without realizing it due to the fact that she is a dying woman.

NOWHERE NEAR HAPPY – Ava is a successful teenage entrepreneur who wants to help her family out financially but they won’t permit her due to traditional values.

FAR ENOUGH – Matt confesses a painful reality of guilt he’s been living with after witnessing a terrible incident and failing to do anything to stop it.

THIN ICE – Kyle is a new student who has transferred schools and is already getting into all sorts of trouble.

INVISIBLE ROADS – Jud needs a gun and turns to her best friend Willa to see if she can borrow her her daddy’s gun.

ONE-WAY  CONVERSATION – Bella confronts her mother with the truth that she feels invisible whenever they engage in conversation.

LITTLE CREATURES – Abby secretly talks to the dolls she makes as if they were really alive…are they?

WHISPERS OF TREES – Nate is doing everything he can to achieve more in life but the pressure is overwhelming.  His girlfriend Shelly tries to help him.

MORE WAYS THAN ONE – Porterfield has the reputation of being a bad kid and when brought in yet again to the principal’s office, a surprising option offered to him can help turn his life around.

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