21 Free Film Scripts: Create Your Own Short Film

Monologue Blogger offers budding film students, filmmakers and video creators the opportunity to use our 21 Free Film Scripts to Create Your Own Short Film.

Turn on your creative faucet, roll up your sleeves and find your next short film project.  MB hosts thousands of monologues and scripts you may use for non-commercial projects.

We’d like to share the 21 free film scripts below to offer you up a good start up incase you are new here and aren’t familiar with what we do.

Below you will find scripts that are reasonably budgeted, reasonably located (usually one location) and minimal amount of characters.

21 Free Film Scripts: Create Your Own Short Film

Regarding the short free film scripts below, we encourage you to make them your own.  You can make adjustments to the material like line changes for instance or location changes but do try to maintain the integrity of the script’s vision.  =)

Pick a script and create your film.  Nothing can stop you.

TRUE BLOOD TIES – Jena visits her father in prison and as always, it’s never an easy time.

COMMON PRACTICE – Marla gives her friend some much needed advice on how to take control of the reins with her man.

BLUE DOOR RONNIE – all Ronnie wants to do is pawn some items but after receiving a refusal, things turn violent but not in the way you’d imagine.

CRIME SCENE – a crime scene investigation takes place in the woods and the Chief of Police has to tolerate his police officer step son in all his glory.

PATSY FUMBLES – Grandpa is not happy that his Grandson has been eating every thinkable item of food in the house and now his beloved oatmeal cooking are completely gone…

ANIMAL BOYS – All Dev wants is a date with Isabel but because he’s so trashy, Isabel doesn’t give him the right time of day and adds insult to injury by calling him out on it.

CAVE OF DA VINCI – two burglars happen to rob the wrong house and for one of them it’s a disaster but for the other there still remains hope.

QUE and SCHELP – this loving pair are young and dangerous and aren’t really aware of the consequences of their actions.

FEAR OF THE FAT MAN – this is a dark humor script about a criminal who can’t get over being bullied when young and his partner in crime decides they should go visit the bully.

URINATION IQ – a short comedic film script with two roommates and the will power they show against one another.

IMAGINARY, YOU – two brothers, one a has been writer living off of past success and the other wealthy by way of the suit life.

21 Free Film Scripts for Creators

DEAD GIRL – this is a wild ride between best friends and a dead woman who creates more dark humor than expected in this insane tale.

RESIN – dude keeps smoking up all the greenery and his girlfriend isn’t having it.

BASKET CASE – a mother and daughter from Queens and the fantastic life they live together when not bickering, which is all the time actually.

KING OF THE YAWN – Jale has had enough of where he works and the fabulous people he works with…dark humor script.

MY CHIANNA – things get saucy when you mess around with lifestyle criminals in this wicked ass crime script.

NEW DEAL – a short film script about the shady side of business and the connections you sometimes needs to make shit happen.

BACK TO LIFE – there is a heavy drama hidden beneath the contents of the dialogue surface between these people.

HAROLD’S EAR – Uncle Harold gets a cotton ball stuck in his ear and begs his niece to help him retrieve it.

NAME OF THE MAN – this lovely pair hit a man on the road while driving and it’s pretty nasty.


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