25 Best Audition Monologues for Actors

Here’s a 25 best monologue list from actors who have noted they have booked roles.  Comedy/Drama monologues 1-2 min long for women, men & teens.

25 Best Audition Monologues for Actors

  1. Playing The Safe Road Must Be The Worst Way To Live – an uncle has a heart to heart with his nephew about work ethic and passion.
  2. My Struggle With Forgiveness – this monologue deals with the concept of forgiveness and how difficult it can be when wounded.
  3. Each Time She Leaves Our Home – a father talks about his constant worry over his daughter’s well being.
  4. Like We Originally Agreed Upon – Buck has a final encounter with his crooked brother in law.
  5. Think About Tomorrow – a stepfather talks some sense into his stepson whom he loves dearly.
  6. Until The Day He Was Gone – a spiritual oriented monologue that revolves around identity.
  7. Playing Online Chess Games – a young man in training for his chess tournament with other teens has a go at his sister for continually interrupting him.
  8. I Thought We Were Best Friends – Lena talks to her best friend about how she hasn’t been acting like herself.
  9. Light, Somewhere – Helena talks to her friend about how she is an actress despite herself.
  10. Too Much Water Under The Bridge – Abelia has had enough drama with a particular family member.
  11. Military Man – Rodney disagrees with his wife about her thoughts regarding his brother’s martial status.
  12. Most Magnificent Man – a real estate mogul gives a potential customer a difficult time based on appearance.
  13. While I Was Laughing – Sim talks about the most annoying co-worker in the world, at least, according to him.
  14. Passed Out from Exhaustion – Marsha  talks to her husband about how he doesn’t spend quality time with their children.
  15. Same School of Thought – Jocosta discusses his loneliness and lack of friendships throughout his life.
  16. My Own Two Eyes – a business monologue for a woman who finally catches up with her long time rival.
  17. Making People Less Happy – Rebecca complains about someone who doesn’t ever seem to be a positive force in life.
  18. Control It – Natasha consoles her best friend about how he is constantly using foul language when they argue.
  19. Restraint – this character does their best to control an emotional outburst – monologue is good for a female or male actor.
  20. Bad Influence – Arna is off to college but before she goes she has a final word with her mother.
  21. One Hundred Percent Sure – Jabez talks to his cousin about whether or not God truly exists.
  22. Mind Travel Journeys – Mason is not a happy camper and he opens up to the only person he can trust, his Grandfather.
  23. You Will Look Pretty Amazing – Cara approaches a random woman about how she can make her look prettier with her makeup skills.
  24. Shape Up or Ship Out – this mother is about a Grandmother stepping into the conflict between her Granddaughter and Daughter.
  25. The Bargain – Davish Becdelievre has captured a Lord and offers him a bargain or else he will slaughter him like a lamb.

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